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Fort Myers for Retirees 101

Before the first snowflake has even touched the ground, many retirees migrate south, away from the cold weather.¬†While many tourists opt for Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale or Palm Springs, retirees often prefer much less touristic […]

Our Stay at Barcelo Tambor Beach in Costa Rica

Located within the vicinity of Curu National Wildlife Refuge, the Barcelo Tambor Beach is a great all inclusive resort for families. The resort, located by the beach of Costa Rica, also features a casino. After […]

Beyond the Walls of the Resorts: Discover Riviera Maya

For many, vacationing in an all-inclusive resort is synonym of relaxation conjugated with days of pure laziness. In these resorts where the only worries are to enjoy the beach and the sun, try every possible […]

Family Vacation – The Reserve in Punta Cana

One of parents biggest dilemna is often whether to bring the kids on vacation or not, especially when it involves being several hours flight away from home. While they want their best for the kids, […]

Traveling to the U.S. Virgin Islands, 99 Steps and More

Are you looking for a tropical paradise? Maybe somewhere in the Caribbean? The U.S. Virgin Islands may have all what you are looking for : world-class beaches, golf, great wild life, stunning marine life and […]

Traveling to the Caribbean… in the Summer

Some people wonder why anyone would spend their summer vacation down south when they can enjoy the summer locally. I would argue with them that going down south is not all about the weather only, […]

Best Caribbean Islands for Singles

Let’s put it straight: being single should not stop your from traveling and enjoying your experience, solo or with other single friends. Although you can have fun on all the Caribbean islands, some islands are […]


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