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10 most beautiful diving destinations of the Caribbean

bonaire diving

Bonaire diving

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For most of us, only a few hours flight separate us from the beautiful Caribbean sea, and of course, some of the world’s most spectacular diving sites. Here are the top 10 diving destinations of the Caribbean.

1. Honduras
Located in Honduras, the quiet archipelago of Islas de la Bahía or Bay Islands is known as one of the most popular diving sites in the Caribbean sea. Bay Islands alone has about 30 sites, reefs and wrecks, most of them are located in the shallower waters surrounding Roatan island.

2. Bonaire
Bonaire is a relative unknown island in the Caribbean sea that has dozens of spectacular sites, many of which can easily be access from the beach. The waters surrounding Bonaire are part of a national marine park, therefore the marine environment and reefs are protected. Highlights? Visibility often reaches 30m or 100 feet, which makes it ideal for beginners.

3. Belize
The barrier reef of this small central America country is the largest and the most beautiful of all in this hemisphere. The Great Blue Hole is a giant underwater sinkhole and measures 300 m (984 feet) across and 124 m (407 feet) deep. Jacque Cousteau, followed by many other divers have explored this gigantic sinkhole.

4. Cayman islands
Little Cayman, Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac has a panoply of diving sites for all tastes and all levels. Many of the more advanced diving sites here are deep, as deep as 1800m (5906 feet) in certain areas! You will also discover ancient wrecks, superb underwater caves, grottos, magnificent reefs, many of which are easily accessible from the shore.

5. Turks & Caicos
A few blocks away from Grace Bay beach, the marine park Princess Alexandra host dozen of marine species, including fishes and marine turtles in waters less than 5 meters deep, which makes it an exceptional diving site. A little bit further from there, an underwater cliff goes as deep as 2000 m (6562 feet) deep, and is home to many sharks and rays.

6. The Bahamas
This archipelago offers a large variety of diving sites : spectacular coral reefs, blue holes, and breathtaking underwater cliffs that disappear in the abyssal darkness… Divers will encounter during their diving trip big fishes, such as rays and hammer sharks and even dolphins.

7. Mexico
The coral barrier of Cozumel is easily accessible and spectacular. The huge network of caves and tunnels that make the Cenotes, located on the Yucatan coast, is a number one destination for divers of all levels. The crystal clear waters make it a perfect site for beginners.

8. Cuba
There are hundreds of excellent diving sites in Cuba, scattered all over the island. The touristic areas of Cayo Largo and Varadero are especially popular among beginners. Diving enthusiasts will enjoy coral reefs of the national park of Jardines de la Reina.

9. Saba
Only 1200 people live on this fairly unknown island of the Caribbean. However, diving there is rather spectacular. Comprised of an underwater park, the crystal clear waters of Saba welcomes a large and diversified marine animals and plants.

10. Florida Keys
This little cluster of 1700 islands is surrounded by great diving sites and coral reefs. The John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park is a large underwarter park located by the Key Largo. On top of an abundant number of marine species et wrecks, divers can see the Christ of the Abyss, a sculpture submerged in the water 7 meters (23 feet) high.

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