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The Fairmont hotel, often synonym to luxury and comfort, is going eco-green for the adventurous travelers who wants more to do more than to achieve the perfect tan by the beach or spend the full day drinking at the pool swim bar.

Collaborating with the National Geographic Society, Fairmont created The Global Explorer Series, a unique series of events and activities. The Global Explorer Series, which in its second year, has expanded the range of activities and events it has to offer. New chapters has been added to the program, such as the sea animal exhibition.

Among the many excursions available are snorkeling, diving, boat excursions, underwater photography, trips to UNESCO World’s Heritage Sites and many other live events.

For example, guests might meet guest speakers such as legendary oceanographe Sylvia Earle in Riviera Maya before heading to a guided tour of the largest archaeological site of the Maya civilization. Oceans cover over 70% of planet Earth, and it is important to increase awareness to our oceans, but also what garbage goes to our sewers and waters.

These types of experience and programs are becoming more and more popular in Caribbean high end hotels, who are becoming more than ever environmentally more conscious.

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picture credit : ESTC 2008: Greening the Conference

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