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Caribbean Attractions

The Caribbean has long been a haven for vacationing tourists. Beautiful weather, scenic beaches, delicious food, and a diverse history and culture have made it one of the premier tourist attractions in the world. For years, travellers have made their way to these islands to experience first hand the treasures these islands have to offer. Whether you’re just looking for a nice beach, or you want to spend some time sightseeing in their historic cities and eating at some Caribbean restaurants, there is something for everyone.


What better way to spend a lazy day than to sit by the beach, and sip on a cool drink? Few people visit the Caribbean without making their way to their legendary beaches at some point. For years, the islands in the Caribbean have boasted some of the finest beaches in the world, with sparkling turquise water and a wide range of underwater marine life. There are few places in the world with the same kind of pristine white sand beaches, exotic black sand beaches from volcanic activity, and gorgeous pink sand beaches.

Geography & Eco-Tourism

Apart from offering travellers a lazy, carefree vacation, the Caribbean also offers some incredible sites and sounds for adventurous tourists looking to experience the natural beauty of the land. Grab your snorkel or diving gear, as the underwater reefs and marine life must be seen firsthand. Hike through the rain forests, and make your way to the top of Gros Piton in St. Lucia, or drive in to the Volcano at La Soufriere. Visit the largest population of American crocodiles at the Cabritos Island National Park in the Dominican Republic. The natural terrain and diverse flora and fauna of the islands makes it a fascinating visit for eco-tourists.

Diverse History and Culture

Unfortunately, the history of the islands is filled with warfare as European settlers fought over land ownership with the indigenous people’s and between themselves. Years later though, this has resulted in an interesting and eclectic mix of cultures, making the people in the islands very unique. The cities in the islands offer a very old world charm to them, with British, Spanish, French, and other influences.


The Caribbean has long been a favorite destination for tourists looking to gamble a bit and have fun. Gambling is legal in quite a few of the islands, so if you’re looking for a good game of poker, it’s never that far away. Some of the more popular islands for casinos include the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, St. Kitts, and Aruba.

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