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Introduction to a Bahamas vacation

Cheap all inclusive Caribbean vacation : Destination Bahamas

Dreaming of a Bahamas vacation...

Dreaming of a Bahamas vacation...

Bahamas is one of the most popular exotic travel destination, and many cheap all inclusive Caribbean vacation packages to the Bahamas are available. Because of the beauty and the exoticism of its beaches, most travelers will never forget their Bahamas vacation. Bahamas is made of 700 islands that cover a 100,000 square miles archipelago, and extend over 500 miles. Although New Providence Island and Grand Bahama Island are the two main islands for tourists. However, other smaller and less crowded islands also attract offer quality vacation spots, such as Abacos, Acklins, Andros, The Berry Islands, Cat Island, Inagua or San Salvador.

Cheap all-inclusive vacations on Grand Bahama Island are the most popular, as Grand Bahama Island is the fourth largest island in the Bahamas archipelago. The island extends for 96 miles in the pure emerald blue water. The Grand Bahama Island comprises many beaches resorts, cities, towns and villages, therefore providing a unique diversity of history and ecological treasures. One of the world’s largest underwater cave system is also found of the Grand Bahama island. Moreover, the island offers endless beaches (what tourists mainly come for), three national parks and a magical and fascinating marine life.

Magical and fascinating marine life

Magical and fascinating marine life

The capital of the Bahamas is Nassau, which is located on the New Providence Island, the other most popular destination to the Bahamas. New Providence Island and the surrounding islands form an irresistible tropical Eden. Nassau main attractions are its preserved harbor, and the beauty of its historical colonial mansions, cathedrals and fortresses from the 18th century that are perfectly maintained. The 66 steps Queen`s staircase lead to an incomparable view that needs to be seen.

A cheap all inclusive Caribbean vacation destination Bahamas is the ultimate vacation destination for many. Not only the history, but also all the beaches resorts, the scenery and the culture found on Grand Bahama Island and Nassau explain many tourists fascination for the Bahamas.

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