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Top 10 Caribbean Vacation Destinations

The Caribbean has always been at the top of the list for travellers looking for sunshine and a nice beach. With the travel industry boom in recent years, resort developers have poured billions into developing posh resorts, hotels, and spas all over the islands. Fierce competition between airlines and travel agencies, spurred on by the popularity and ease of access on the internet, has resulted in bargain basement prices for lucky consumers. Historically, it’s never been easier or cheaper to travel to the Caribbean, so pack your bags and check out our top 10 caribbean vacation destinations.


Located just north of St. Martin, this island is reknowned for it’s serene atmosphere, powdery white sand beaches, and unique local music. Travellers looking for some peace and serenity will be glad to know that Anguilla is one of the least crowded of the Caribbean islands. The weather is consistently warm and sunny, thanks in part to the flat terrain.

Antigua & Barbuda

Located in the West Indies, Antigua and Barbuda is a travellers paradise. The islands has a rich and diverse history which is evident all across the island, from it’s historic forts, to it’s unique architecture and scenic harbors. Beachgoers will be delighted to hear that the island has an impressive 365 seperate beaches, or “one for every day of the year”.


A picture perfect little desert island, Aruba is situated in the southern Caribbean sea, just north of Venezuela. Known for it’s nearly always clear skies and exquisite beaches, as well as it’s vibrant nightlife.

British Virgin Islands

Located just east of Puerto Rico, these islands are officially an overseas British Territory. The island caters to a more upscale demographic, with it’s luxury resorts and long standing yachting tradition. The British Virgin Islands are often host to visiting royalty.


A relatively new tourist attraction, Curacao has seen heavy development in recent years to transform it from an industrial island to a tourist’s paradise.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is located east of Cuba, and shares the the second largest island in the Caribbean with Haiti on it’s western side. Probably the most popular tourist destination in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is known internationally for it’s long, post-card perfect beaches and cheap all inclusive resort deals.


This small Caribbean island in the southeastern Caribbean sea lies just north west of Trinidad and Tobago. It’s mountainous terrain is covered with a wide variety of flora, and is a major producer of spices such as cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg. This volcanic island hosts a number of natural wonders, and is a favorite for British travellers.


In past years the Grenadines were often used as a secluded getaway for celebrities, but lately the island has opened up with the development of new resorts such as the Bequia Beach Hotel. If you enjoyed “Pirates of the Caribbean” you’ll be happy to know that many of the scenes were filmed here.


Located just south of Cuba, Jamaica is host to a unique and complex culture. Over a million tourists flock to the island each year, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean, and with good reason. It’s sunswept beaches, reggae music, and diverse tourist destinations make it an ideal vacation spot.

St. Lucia

Known in some circles as the “Helen of the West”, St. Lucia remains an relatively undiscovered paradise, although this is rapidly changing.

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