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What’s an all-inclusive resort?

All-inclusive resort… What and Why?

Thinking of going on vacation? Is planning giving you a headache? Accommodation, transportation (airfare, to and from the airport), food, kids, activities and, of course, safety. While vacation should be a relaxing time, it can also be stressful prior, especially when you are the designated one who has to plan for the entire family (or even for yourself).

This is why so many people prefer the all-inclusive options. As a matter of fact, tourists flock to the Caribbean to enjoy their good weather, their perfect beaches and their abundance of all-inclusive resorts.

But really, what is an all-inclusive resort? Is everything literally included? Let’s find out.

All-inclusive resort…

Let’s be honest about it, not EVERYTHING is included, but A LOT is included, enough that it is right to consider those resorts as being “all inclusive”.

What is included

Airfare – yes, to and from the destination of your choice. Most often, airlines also provide you with a delicious meal on board as well as a beer or a glass of wine.

Transportation  – included in the cost of your all-inclusive resort package is a shuttle between the airport and the hotel that will bring you safely to the hotel and back to the airport.

Food – although buffet usually come to mind (3 times a day), most resorts also offer complimentary a-la-carte restaurant, where you can have a romantic dinner. However, you will need to reserve a table, and many hotel do have a limit on how many times you are allowed to try the restaurant.

Drinks – Cerveza, drinks, alcoholic or non alcoholic drinks are all included in your stay at your all-inclusive resort (however to the exception of premium alcoholic drinks in most resorts)

Room service – offered in many all-inclusive hotels, room service is great when you are on the look for a midnight snack.

Room cleaning – every day, you can opt to have your bedroom cleaned.

Shuttles within the resort – some resorts are so immense that it can take up to half an hour to get from your room to another part of the resort. This is why most all-inclusive provide their guests with shuttles that go around the resort.

Kids activities – planning a family trip? Spend some quality time with your other half while your kid is enjoying the fun activities that were planned at the kid’s club.

Towels – A trip to the beach or the pool is not complete without free and complimentary towels.

TV – yes, they do have TV and cable is included!

What is not included

Spa – Many resorts do offer a spa service, which is, in most cases, a paying service. While it may be included in some rare cases, most hotels charge extra for the use of those services.

Taxi to the cities/towns – If you are planning to go shopping, there are unfortunately no free transportation to and from the major cities or towns and your all-inclusive resort. Make sure to have some money handy to pay for the cab.

Sightseeing trips – Are you the adventurous type? If swimming with the dolphins, enjoying a dinner on a pirate ship or simply exploring the old civilization is among your top things to do, remember that these trips are not included in the cost of your stay.

Tips – Sure service is included, but just like where you are from, it is a nice gesture to tip your waiter, your shuttle driver, the room cleaning lady…

Water sport equipment rental – Wanting to jet ski or needing some diving  equipment? Expect to pay extra for this type of equipment rental, as it is most likely not part of your all-inclusive resort package deal.


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