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Antigua & Barbuda – a video

Antigua and Barbuda has a long and colorful history as French, Dutch, and English powers once fought fiercely over control of the island. The British prevailed, and it was the site of an important British naval base for many years, but the island has since transformed into a paradise for travellers seeking out it’s year round sunshine and bountiful natural beauty.

These 2 islands boast incredible natural wonders, and miles upon miles of pristine powdery white beaches. The locals have a saying about the beaches that goes “one for every day of the year”, because there are exactly 365 beaches. Of course, beaches aren’t the only thing the islands have to offer, as the low lying and rolling terrain makes for incredible site seeing, and the lush rainforests provide a refreshing and unforgettable adventure to eager travellers.

Constant trade winds on the Atlantic side flow over the island, cooling off hot vacationers and ensuring some incredible sailing opportunities. People flock to the island from all over the world to take advantage of the strong winds and get in some quality sailing, and windsurfing time.

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