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Antigua – the big island

antigua beach

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With over 365 beaches, Antigua and Barbuda has one beach for every day of the year! Although to anyone who loves holidays and long stretches of sand beaches, Antigua and Barbuda is a must visit at least one time. the country also offers more than these never ending beaches (or almost!). As a matter of fact, Antigua and Barbuda is also a great country, with culture of of an over 4000 years old civilization.

Antigua and Barbuda is comprised of three islands: Antigua, Barbuda and Redonda, a total of 442 square kilometers of land, just north of the Guadeloupe.

Antigua, the main island of the country has an area of 281 square kms. Today, the population of the island is estimated at over 80,000 people. The island is also home to the capital of Antigua and Barbuda, St. John’s.

Discovered in 1943 by Columbus who named Antigua, which literally means “ancient” in Spanish, the island was first colonized by Spanish people (due to the small number of indigenous people), and later by the English empire on a long-term basis. English settlers have lived on Antigua since 1623.

In 1674, the first sugar cane plantation was started on Antigua Island by Sir Christopher Codrington. In 1784, Antigua becomes the biggest British base of the archipelago. It is only in 1981 that Antigua and Barbuda becomes independent and a member of the Commonwealth.

En 1674, Sir Christopher Codrington fonde la première grande plantation de canne à sucre dans l’île d’Antigua. En 1685, Codrington et sa famille louent toute l’île à la Couronne britannique pour la modique somme «d’un gros cochon par an si demande est faite», et ils établissent avec succès d’autres plantations. En 1784, l’amiral Nelson fait d’Antigua la plus grande base britannique de l’archipel. En 1981, Antigua-et-Barbuda accède à l’indépendance et devient un État membre du Commonwealth.

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