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Andros – A well kept secret of the Bahamas

A well kept secret

Andros is the biggest island of the Bahamas. This island is so large that its area is almost as large as that of all of the other islands combined (about 6000 km²). Surrounded by high sea beds and an amazing coral reef, this island is a paradise for high sea lovers and a perfect spot for any divers or snorkelers. To this date, Andros remains one of the most unknown and unvisited islands of the Bahamas, a well kept secret!

The Bahamas consist of many islands, with one island being only 80km away Florida, and another island being 113km from the coast of Haiti. Andros is the biggest of all, the less developed, therefore probably one of the most fascinating island. Unexplored rain forests and mangroves make most of the island.

Andros is in fact compose of three smaller sub-islands, North Andros, Mangrove Cay, and South Andros. The coral reef of Andros is 225km long, which makes it the world’s third largest reef.

Named as the “Tongue of the Ocean” the deep oceanic trench past the coral reef separates Andros from its more popular sister island, Providence.

Plants and Animals

A huge number of species live on that largely uninhabited island, and many of these species have yet have to be discovered. The most common specie is, without doubt, the mosquito!

However, there are many other interesting species you may encounter on the island, such as several types of crabs, running left and right, especially between the months of May and September. The most common crab is probably the hermit crab and the terrestrial crab, especially loved by people of Andros, who loves to cook them.

Wild boars hide in the brushwood while the red head vulture scrutinize the surroundings for food. Ospreys, herons, cormorants, white crown pigeons and the more rare ted-legged thrush are other birds that live on the island.

There are also many many types of plants. For example, over 40 species of orchids grow on Andros, as well as many medicinal plants, such as jacaranda (used as a treatment against skin cancer).

Diving and Snorkeling

The coral reef and the blue holes of Andros offer a real diving and snorkeling paradise. Close to the coast, there are quiet coral heavens, and the shallow waters are a shelter to millions of colorful and gentle fishes. Divers can also explore some wrecks, such as Marion, Barge and du Potomac. Along the coral reef, 225km long, things are getting a lot more exciting, especially with the plunging depths over the wall. These types of excursions can be expensive, but they offer an adventure you will never forget!


The coasts of Andros are simply neverending white sand strips. The best parts of the beach are located on North Andros near Nicholl’s Town, Small hope and Somerset Beach, and on South Andros, near Emerald Palms Beach, with never ending views of white sand and palm trees.


The interior of Andros is full of canals and sea beds, while the west coast of the island is by itself simply a fisher’s paradise. The waters surrounding Andros are very abundant with fish, and each little fishing town have their own guides, who know well the best place to fish. Full fishing trips on high sea average 350$ for 8 hours.

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