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Fishing in the Bahamas – Wahoo Capital

Fishing, one of the great past times, can still be enjoyed down in the Caribbean. In fact, some of the most exciting fishing experiences can be found down around the Bahamas. For avid fishers looking for an exciting destination in the Caribbean in which to ply their trade, a few places truly stand out among the numerous destinations. One in particular, the Bahamas, is a favorite among fisherman enthusiasts due to the plentiful game and excellent services provided. If you’re a fan of sport fishing, or just looking to try something a little different, the Bahamas may be the place for you.

Over the years, the secret slipped out and now many people know how great of a fishing island the Bahamas are. Fishing around the Bahamas is something to be experienced, with the variety and quantity of fish in the area, you’ll wonder why you didn’t plan your vacation years ago. With many companies offering fishing tours, you’re sure to bring home an impressive trophy and pictures to show your friends. Whether its deep sea fishing, fly fishing, or bone fishing, there are many different charter services that will happily show you some of the prime fishing spots around the islands.

No fishing trip to the Bahamas is complete without a few days spent at Bimini, an old favorite due to an abundance of bonefish and blue marlin. Imagine hauling one of those monsters onto the deck, I’m sure it would be the catch of a lifetime. Some of these fish can weigh just short of a ton, it’s like catching a car!

Of course, there are some other amazing locations around the islands as well. If you’re in the mood for mackerel, yellow fin, jack, or some of the biggest grouper to be found, then be sure to visit Davis Harbour, west of Eleuthera Island. Big fish hunters need to visit Chub Cay, where dolphin and marlin can be found.

Not everyone is looking to catch a half ton fish though, some are looking for smaller game and less excitement. For fishermen looking for a quieter, more peaceful trip, be sure to look for Rum Cay. You can avoid the crowds and treat yourself to a more secluded spot that’s off the beaten path. The famous Bahamian “wahoo” fish are in abundance here, and a decent size too. Weighing in around 100 lbs, these fish provide a much more relaxing fishing experience.

As you can see, the fishing possibilities in the Caribbean are mind boggling. From exciting big game catches, to peaceful wahoo, fly fishing and deep sea fishing, there are fish waiting for your lure in the Bahamas. A good place to look for potential fishing tours is online, so check out the different options and see what interests you the most. Last of all, make sure to bring a camera to show your friends back home what you caught.

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