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Discover Grand Bahama Island

grand bahama island

grand bahama island

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Discover Grand Bahama Island


Grand Bahama island is one of the larger islands in the chain of over 700 islands that make up the Bahamas, and is located in the north of the cluster. The island is 96 miles wide and 17 miles long, and is situated fairly close to the USA, only 55 miles off the tip of Florida.


Unfortunately, the Bahamas has a long and storied history of war and enslavement. For the first 2 centuries after Eurpoean contact, the island was largely under Spanish and pirate control. The shallow seas and coral reefs around the islands made it dangerous for ships to pass into the area, and giving pirates the ideal hiding spot.

In 1670, the British claimed ownership of the Bahamas, although initially, did little to abate the intensity of the pirate activity in the area. Eventually, the British were able to expel the pirates and the islands became a quiet place for the next few centuries. Brief

After the abolishment of slavery in 1834, several new towns were established by former slaves. Pinder’s Point, Russell Town, and Williams Town were all established by former slaves. The island of Grand Bahama remained relatively undeveloped until the middle of the 20th century, when development began to transform the island into a tourist destination for wealthy Americans. Today, Grand Bahama island has blossomed from that sleepy little Caribbean island into a popular tourist attraction.


The weather on Grand Bahama island is sub tropical, with temperatures average approximately 70-75°F degrees in winter, and up to 80-85°F degrees in the summer. There is relatively little rain during the winter, although travellers should be aware that hurricane season runs from May to October, with substantially higher chances of rain and storms.


Pelican Bay at Lucaya

The Pelican Bay at Lucaya is one of the newest and most favorably reviewed hotels in Grand Bahama. A chic little boutique hotel, it uniquely combines old Bahamian style architecture with European style and service. In addition to all the ammenities provided by the resort, there are numerous attractions within walking distance. Several restaurants, live entertainment, and the casino are literally steps from the resort.

Old Bahama Bay

A secluded boutique resort, the Old Bahama Bay strives to provide that remote island feel. The resort is built in an old Bahamiam luxury style, with plantation style guest suites and modern ammenities inside. This resort is the ultimate in quiet and serenity for travellers just looking to “get away” from it all.

Radisson Our Lucaya Resort, Grand Bahama

This resort has virtually something for everybody in the family. The resort boasts 2 highly regarded 18 hole golf courses where golf enthusiasts can get in a few holes and perfect their swings. Their vegas style casino will have you partying the night away. Or just relax, play some water sports, go shopping, or enjoy the 7.5 acres of soft white powdery beach.

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