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Great Fishing Spots in the Bahamas

For hundreds of years, the Bahamas have been one of the go-to places in the Caribbean. From the old world explorers, to pirates and smugglers like Calico Jack, these islands have held a certain allure and air of mystery to those who travelled there. It’s really no wonder, with the beautiful azure waters surrounding some 700 islands and over 100,000 square miles of island, these islands have had a powerful draw on people. These days, you’re more likely to spend a day at a resort or shopping than to be hunting for treasure, but the air of adventure is still vibrant and alive among these islands. One only has to set foot on the island to feel the history and culture engulf them. For those looking to try a little something different, the fishing spots around the Bahamas are some of the hottest in the Caribbean.

If you’re planning a fishing trip this winter, check out some of these exciting fishing destinations in the Bahamas! Whether you’re looking to catch something the size of a toy car, or something the size of a real car, there is a fishing spot for you. In no particular order, here are some of the best places to find that trophy catch you’ve been dying for.

Treasure Cay

Fancy yourself a big game fisher? Then head on over to Treasure Cay where the big marlin are found in abundance. If you’re lucky, you might land one over 800lbs!


A popular spot for vacationers travelling from the states due to it’s proximity to South Florida, this spot is only 50 miles from Miami. At this, one of the best fishing spots in the Bahamas, you can land yourself a wide variety of fish including bonefish and blue marlin.

Davis Harbour, Eleuthera Island

At Davis Harbour, on the west side of Eleuthera Island, is a wide variety of fish species from macherel, yelow fin, and jacks. Some of the biggest groupers to be found in the islands are in the area as well.

Chub Cay

Another great choice for big game hungers, Chub Cay lies on the base of the “tongue of the ocean”, a deep oceanic trench that begins in the Bahamas. The area is teeming with dolphin and marlin.

Rum Cay

A little less visited, Rum Cay is an excellent spot for catching the famous wahoo fish. The best months to go are between January and March, when you can catch yourself a wahoo weighing in around 100lbs. Fish as large as 150lbs have also been caught here.

As you can clearly see, the Bahamas has quite a lot to offer for your fishing needs. From Rum Cay to the famous Treasure Cay and Bimini, the variety and size of the species available in the Bahamas is breathtaking. Whether you’re just a budding fisherman taking an interest in the sport, or a grizzled veteran, there is a spot in the Bahamas for you. We hope that this helps you make a better choice for your next fishing trip. Make sure to take a picture of your big catch, or people might not believe you!

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