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Things to do in Nassau – Atlantis

atlantis predator lagoon

Atlantis Predator Lagoon - 75 millions liters (20 millions gallons) of salty and fresh water and more than 50 000 marine animals

picture by Nugget04

Nassau is a major touristic spot in the Bahamas. Every year, tourists from everywhere on the planet meet up in Nassau for its perfect white sand beaches, its pristine waters and the casinos. Although these may be the first thing that comes in mind of most people, Nassau is much more than hours of extensive tanning. In Nassau, you will discover tons of things to do, such as swimming with the dolphins or the sharks, visiting great museums or visit an exhibition of trendy artists and painters. Here is one of the most popular attraction in the Bahamas.

Atlantis Resort
One of the most popular attraction near Nassau is located on Paradise Island, a small island easily accessible by a bridge. Paradise Island is where you will discover Atlantis, a mega resort that feature a large marine habitat with over 75 millions liters (20 millions gallons) of salty and fresh water and more than 50 000 marine animals.

Atlantis opened its doors in 1994 and is based on the legendary Atlantis island, from the greek mythology. This high end resort attracts many rich tourists and celebrities. Moreover, many movies scenes are also shot in the resort, such as some major scenes of Casino Royale, the latest James Bond movie. The resort is also comprised of many brand stores, jewelries, a casino, many restaurants and ton of trendy bars.

The underwater tunnel in the Predator Lagoon is one of the most popular part of Atlantis. In this jewel of Paradise Island, you will discover many interesting species of fish and other marine animals. Take a tour with the guide and learn more about interesting facts about those sea animals. Admire those stunning creatures of the sea closer than ever, including rays, piranhas, sawfishes and even hammer sharks.

But the Predator Lagoon is only one of the many activities to do in Atlantis. Enjoy waterslides, rock climbing and some thrilling activities, such as dolphin encounter or walk with the sharks, where you can walk at the bottom of a lagoon full of sharks (I assure you… they are totally inoffensive!)

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