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Things to do in a Barbados all-inclusive resort

Why we love Barbados all inclusive resorts

There are a lot of things to do in a Barbados all-inclusive resort, and that’s the way most visitors like it. The South and West coasts have long stretches of white sand beaches, and all of them are open to the public. The crystal-clear waters at are calm and perfect for swimming and diving.

What to do in Barbados


Golfers who love golfing in the Caribbean will love Barbados for its excellent golf courses, but the private courses – at Royal Westmoreland and Sandy Lane – aren’t cheap.


Another thing to do in a Barbados all-inclusive resort is to explore the island’s impressive restaurant scene, from street-party barbecue to first-class international cuisine that rivals the finest dining on the Caribbean. You’ll find seafood, shellfish, steak, pork, and local black-belly lamb in most restaurants.


Calm waters and excellent underwater visibility makes Barbados the perfect spot for snorkelling, deep-sea fishing, and diving in a mini-sub or from a dive boat to explore the island’s coral reefs and sunken wrecks.


High waves on the Atlantic side (East coast) attract surfers who come from all over the world to the Bathsheba Soup Bowl all year around and the Independence Classic every November. From December through April, high waves and strong winds draw windsurfers to the southern tip of the island, at Silver Sands-Silver Rock Beach.


Hiking in the hilly northern interior and east coast is great. The Barbados National Trust offers free walks, called Hike Barbados, which takes you through cane fields, gullies, tropical forests and coastal communities to explore the unique heritage and environment of Barbados.

By Michael Young, writer for Cheap All Inclusive Caribbean Vacation.

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