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What to bring back from Barbados

Going to Barbados for some vacation? Don’t come empty handed. There are plenty of things to bring from Barbados. Here are some gift ideas or souvenirs you should bring from your trip to Barbados:

* sugar cane (mmhh yummy!)
* rum (make sure to drink with moderation!)
* rum cake… your friends (and yourself) ought to taste it!
* Mauby, which is a sort of non alcoholic drink locally made that has a distinct flavor (according to some people, it tastes a little bit like root beer in)
* sorrel jam – sorrel is a type of flower which is fruity and fragrant. Sorrel punch is made into a traditional Christmas beverage in the Caribbean, and made ito jam all year-round.
* a local paint or art work: you have plenty of option between great paints, ceramic work and sculptures. To find some great craft work, visit the Pelican craft center (at the north of Bridgetown) and the Earthwork Center (in St.Thomas).
* a jewel for your other half or significant other. Numerous jewelry stores on the island are tax-free for tourists. Those stones comes from various areas of South America. Make sure to bring your passport and flight ticket with you when shopping, to take advantage of the no-tax policies.
* some music : discover Calypso and Soca which are played using a steel-pan.
* your happiness and good mood: not hard to ask… with the sun, the sea and the relax ambiance, nothing is best to put you in such a good spirit.

By Kandi, for Cheap All Inclusive Caribbean Vacation.

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