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A Long Weekend in Bermuda


Pink Sand Bermuda

Attribution: Bermuda Ministry of Tourism & Transport

Bermuda is an archipelago comprised of 6 main islands and over 120 smaller isles. Located at 1050km from the U.S., Bermuda isn’t part of the Caribbean. This small country has a temperate climate, which obviously makes it a prime destination for North Americans. In winter, the temperature averages 70F in winter and 85F in the summer. Here’s a typical way tourists enjoy spending their time in Bermuda, which are also the top reasons Bermuda is so often preferred as a main vacation destination each year.

Pink sand
Spend your first day at the beach. If you are feeling adventurous, take the bus to South Shore Road and walk (10 minute walk) to one of the most beautiful beach of the island, Horseshoe Bay Beach. The sand there is soft and has a unique pink color. Swim in the quiet waters or snorkel to discover the undersea world.

Saint George’s
The easiest way to travel between the island is by ferry. The historic town of St George’s is located on the very far end of the archipelago. St George’s is one of the oldest city being the first permanent settlement on the islands. For this historical reason, this town and numerous surrounding fortifications were added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List. On the second day, before heading to the zoo, make sure you enjoy the famous ice cream of Temptations Cafe, a cool treat while wandering in St. George’s.

The Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo
If you are going to the island with your family, the Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo, home to a large collection of tropical marine fish, turtles, harbor seals, and other forms of sea life is a must see.The North Rock Exhibit alone, with its 140,000-gallon tank allows guests to experience a coral reef washed by ocean surge.

Shopping in Hamilton
The capital of the country, Hamilton, is the best shopping spot of the islands. Boutiques, local shops, this town has a very British feel to it. Of course, you will also find some high-end and luxury stores, such as AGibbons Co. or Marks&Spencer.

Surprisingly, tourists in Bermuda aren’t allowed to rent cars, although they can rent scooters for personal use or use public transportation.

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