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3 Must-See Caribbean Cruise Destinations

Once known to be an activity for the more elite class, with lots of money and free times on hand, sailing has seen an increase in popularity and is now becoming more and more popular amongst to the average North American middle class.

This increase is partly due to a vast numbers of cruising companies. As a matter of fact, cruising is a good introduction to sailing, and although they may always give you enough time to visit or be acquainted a certain region or island, they are nonetheless a great way to discover the best parts of the Caribbean, in a record time and at an affordable cost.

Here are three islands or islets you must visit at least once in your life. Luckily, there are also the number one spots for most cruise ships.


Antigua and Barbuda

A beach for every day of the year.

Literally. Indeed, with Antigua and Barbuda’s 365 beaches, you could basically spend a year visiting a different beach every day. Not only you will discover never ending beautiful sand beaches, but also islands that have been inhabited for over 4000 years.

The most populous part of the country is Antigua, which is 14miles x 11miles. The perfect combination of mother nature and history and culture.


Where divers and snorkeling meet (or should meet!)

With its protected coasts, Bonaire has a very abundant sea life, making it a fairly unknown and untouched diving paradise. Although forgotten by many divers and snorkelers, who tend to choose Curaçao et Aruba, this island has become one of the favorite stops for cruise ships.

Other than diving and snorkeling, cruisers can visit Kralendijk, the capital of Bonaire, and its charming old pre-colonial houses, with pink, orange and green houses. Animals and plants lovers will leave the island with amazing pictures of giant cactus, pink flamingos, or those tropical wading birds.


St. Thomas – US Virgin Islands

Shopping heaven of the Caribbean

Living at the rythm of coming and leaving cruisers and sailers, Charlotte Amalie has become a famed cruise ship port of call. This capital of the US Virgin Islands, located on St. Thomas island, is not only an appeal for its colorful houses with red tiles roofs, but also for the numerous boutiques and shops along Main Street and in Havensight Mall.


There are many other popular cruise ports of call, such as St. Kitts and the British Virgin Islands. To learn more about the many Caribbean cruises ports of call, please visit Cheap All Inclusive Caribbean Vacation now.

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