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Caribbean Cruises : The Advantages And Disadvantages


I’d like to take a vacation in the Caribbean. I’ve been to all-inclusive resorts several times in the past. We’d like to take a cruise this time, although we have some reserves, people we know that have taken a cruise in the past being much older. We are in our thirties, love traveling, touring and are very sociable.

Can you quickly list the pros and the cons of cruising.


Jon & Myriam


Dear Jon & Myriam,

Unfortunately, cruises still hold this image of catering to older people only. But the truth is that more and more young people, such as you, also love cruising. Cruises are being more affordable than a decade or two ago, and young couples and even young families are now opting for an all-inclusive cruise rather than an all-inclusive resorts.

So let’s see the pros and the cons of cruising.

The pros of a cruise

Of course, cruising involves living on a boat for an x period of time, but not just any boat: cruise boats, especially in the Caribbeans, are real palaces with a crew dedicated to your safety and well-being 24h.

Just like in resorts, meals are included, and can be buffet or a-la-carte menu, depending on the cruise or on the night.

Most sailing is done at nighttime, while passengers are sleeping. During the day, the ship will stop at the most major ports, and you can enjoy the organized excursions. You will also be given some time to explore the city on your own. Because you are always on the go, you end up visiting a lot more interesting places than you would on a regular trip.

Unlike resorts, where you spend more time away from the local people, resorts give you more opportunities to interact with local people and learn more about their culture.

Remember that visiting is not a mandatory activity. Although most guests prefer to go and explore the towns, some passengers like to stay on board and relax or participate to the many activities on board, which often include a spa, mini-golf, swimming, board games, etc.

Evenings are when the party and the fun start. Dances, shows, cinema, cabaret and casino nights are among the activities that are offered on board. Evening events are a great time to socialize and make new friends.

The cons of a cruise

You need to know that calling from the boat can only be done via satellite and can be pricey. Also, because you are in the middle of the sea, during sailing days, you will not have the option of leaving to boat and wandering around, which some will find boring.

The other disadvantage are also bad weather and seasickness. Cruise boats being gigantic, you will barely ever feel the movement of the sea most days. However, when the waves are too strong (which does not happen often!), you are at the mercy of seasickness. Fortunately, a team of medical expert are there to help you if you need medication.

The other disadvantage of a cruise is that although you end up visiting many ports, cities and countries, it can feel superficial, since there is only so much you can see in 8 or 10 hours per place. There is always a time where you are unsure where to start and then a safety margin to make sure you return to the boat on time.

Overall, the cruise can be a good option to spend some quality time with your other half or your family, and a good way to explore many places without the stress or packing and unpacking.

The team of Cheap All Inclusive Caribbean Vacation.

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