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Cruising – Facts & Fictions

Expensive, old travelers, nothing to do on board, seasickness… even though cruises are more popular than ever, there are still too many wrong believes about them. Let’s try to differentiate reality from fiction.

Fiction n˚1 Cruising is something from the past
Unlike many think, cruising business is better than ever. As a matter of fact, the market is growing every year, the biggest growing cruising market being the U.S. The popularity of cruises is so that more and more people now prefer cruises over all inclusive resorts.

Fiction n˚2 Cruising is only for an elite class and is always expensive
Okay, back in the Titanic days, cruising wasn’t meant for everyone. Only rich people were able to afford a ticket to cruise along the Mediterannean sea or the Caribbean sea. But since, the cost of cruising has drastically dropped with the affordability of air flights. Cruises lines where then able to offer affordable packages for everyone. Moreover, the ships being bigger, they can welcome more people on board, leading to a decrease in price. Newer cruise ships are real palaces of lights and glass and can accomodate over 5000 passengers! Moreover, just like almost every type of travelling, you can take advantages of early bookings or last minute bookings, where you can save up to 50% of the regular cost.

Fiction n˚3 Boring on board…
The biggest worry is probably to get bored on board. But did you know that most cruise ships have many pools, restaurants, bars, dance clubs, movie theatres, tennis courts, gymnasiums, and even shopping malls… It is actually difficult to get bored on board! Plus, most of the time, you will visiting new towns, new countries, new ports. Cruises allow you to travel the best places in the world, without the inconvenience of traveling with your suitcase, or of booking new hotels and finding transportation.

Fiction n˚4 Only old people take cruises
Until recently, cruise lines were targeting an older market. But nowadays, travelers are younger than ever. Families and honeymooners now represent the main customers. In the U.S. only, the average cruise traveler age went from 60 to 45 years old…

Fiction n˚5 Cruise ships are always colossal
If you prefer the intimacy and ambiance of a smaller group, without the constant movement of thousands of people around you, you will be happy to learn that cruise lines also offer medium size ships, which offer a more private type of cruise.

Fiction n˚6 Everybody gets seasick…
Even if you easily get motion sickness during car rides or flights, it is unlikely you will get sick on a cruise ship, due to their enormous size and their stabilizing systems. There can be some rougher parts of the ocean, and if, unfortunately, you do feel seasick, medication can be provided and will make you feel better in no time.

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