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Cruising in the Caribbean

Forget everything you know about cruises, cruising is not anymore a thing retired people do, a cheesy “Titanic” where everybody is dressed like a penguin for extravagant captain nights. The warm and welcoming weather of the Caribbean will quickly make you forget all those old stories you’ve heard about cruising.


Caribbean Cruises – a diary

Day 5
The ship was sailing quietly between Cozumel and Grand Cayman. From the patio of our room, the night was hot and humid. We were really enjoy our time, still smiling about our fantastic dinner. The only bummer was that the trip was coming to an end. I joked that I really was hoping not to hit an Iceberg and see Celine Dion appear signing “My heart will go on”.

Of course, this is not the type of joke to do on a cruise ship, but hey, with the temperature of the water averaging 75F, the chance of an iceberg going our way was as high as seeing Celine Dion appear on the ship.

Day -1
At first, I was somewhat reluctant to go cruising, and worst, to tell people I was cruising. “I thought cruising was only for old people” frowned of my friend. But I have to admit that with the very laid back atmosphere, both of the cruise ship and the Caribbean, there was no more shame or regrets.

Although I don’t consider myself to be in my prime time, cruises are definitely not only for retired people. The ship is not filled with cheezy things to do, although it did felt good to sing out loud an extra cheesy song with thousands of other cruisers during the dinner after-party.

And unlike many think, you can leave your uptight tux and shiny dresses at home and dress casually the whole time (although having a few nice shirts or dresses around won’t hurt!).

Day 5
Well, at least our ship didn’t have a mandatory tux and shiny dress dress code for dinners. The ship by the way is huge, and can carry up to 2700 people on board, plus 1100 staff members, incredible!

Our cruise departed from Fort Lauderdale (like many Caribbean cruises), stopped in Key West, in Cozumel and in Grand Cayman before coming back to Fort Lauderdale. As newbies, we choose a fairly short trip, to see if we would enjoy it.

This trip was definitely long enough to tell us one thing: we love cruising. But definitely too short to enjoy everything the cruising on the Caribbean has to offer.

Jon, writer for Cheap All Inclusive Caribbean Vacations.

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