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10 Must-See Attractions in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a country with unusual and surprising contrasts and extraordinary peculiarity. From the chilly whether found top of the highest mountain of the Caribbean to the best beaches of the area, this country is an estate of valleys, waterfalls and deserts. The past and the present seem to be living side by side, with a fascinating mix of colonial and modern hotels and buildings, peaceful rustic areas and eventful towns. There is an obvious Spanish, African and Indiginous influence on the music, the art, and the overall culture of this small country. If you are going to the DR, don’t miss out on these marvellous sights.

1. Santo Domingo, the Zona Colonial

Between the many restored colonial buildings, and the numerous shadowed public spaces, this historical area reminds of all the many era the Dominican Republic has lived through.

2. Santo Domingo, the contemporary city

The modern part of Santa Domingo is recognizable with its busy main streets, its lovely outskirts and its quiet parks. Visit one of the many art galleries and American style shopping centers of this contemporary part of the city.

3. Costanza and the Dominican Alps

Driving inland about 90 minutes south of Puerto Plata, discover Costanza and the Dominican Alps. This large and much less developed for the tourists than other parts of the country, Costanza is home to the highest summit of the Caribbean, Pico Duarte.

4. Santiago

Second largest city in the country, Santiago has a totally different atmosphere compared to the capital, Santo Domingo. Here, the various monuments will remind you that tobacco used to be the main industry of the city.

5. Puerto Plata

Also full of history, this harbor of the Cordillera Septentrional is also the heart of many big touristic resorts. Take the time to book a tour to one of the main attraction, such as Fort San Felipe or the Museo del Ambar.

6. La Isabela Bay
The area around La Isabela Bay offered the perfect conditions for the first European settlement in America. This wonderful bay is part of our history, and represents the first steps of Colombus on this continent. La Isabela Bay is also home to many beaches, such as Palaya Isabela and Punta Cana Playa.

7. Las Terrenas

This tiny town used to be a fisherman paradise spot. This old fisherman village is surrounded by some of the best beaches of the DR, and attracts travellers with no interest in all-inclusive resorts and vacationers in search of a quiet spot to lie down by the sun.

8. Costa del Coco

Representing the modern side of tourism, with its many white sand beaches and all-inclusive resorts and hotels, Costa del Coco is a real heaven for surfers.

9. La Romana

Born from the industry of sugar, this town now has one of the most luxurious downtown in the country, la Casa de Campo, as well as toscan-influenced village, Altos de Chavón.

10. Lago Enriquillo

Salted lake surrounded by cactus, crocodiles and giant tamed iguanas, this wonder of the nature is worth a day trip by boat.

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