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Bavaro Princess Punta Cana – A Review


Here’s my review of Bavaro Princess, a resort in Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic. Years ago, although I had never been to one, I was a snob who couldn’t stand the idea of spending my vacation in an all inclusive. Until I actually got to experience an all inclusive and simply enjoyed it from the first minute I arrived to the very last minute I left. Of course, I don’t spend every year vacationing in resorts, but I do enjoy the occasional pampering I get when I do go. 

The package included everything to be expected : airfare, ground transportation, drinks, meals, snacks, tips and entertainment. Although we paid over $1000 per person for seven nights, friends of ours paid only $650 pp, showing that it can be advantageous to shop your price as they can vary accordingly to the time of the year and your length of stay.

bavaro princess resort Punta Cana

Arrival to Bavaro Princess Punta Cana

Upon arrival to Bavaro Princess, a van was waiting for us at the airport. The people are the reception were extremely friendly. Our renovated room was close to the pool, which was very convenient. Although the resort is immense, strolling through the resort was an actually pretty enjoyable walk. On the days where you don’t feel like walking, a shuttle runs through the resort between 7am and 12am.

There, however, was a small downside to our room as it was very close to the I assume was the plumbing to the sewers, which left a nasty smell a couple times. Luckily it lasted at most 5 minutes.


New renovations to Bavaro Princess and fresh paint sure made the room look very welcoming. We loved our King sized bed. Many rooms adjoin another room to create a two suites bedroom for larger families.

The safe were new and allowed you to program it or to use your credit card to unlock it. We also enjoyed the new flat screen TVs during nights where we felt like doing nothing but cuddling under the soft blankets.

The mini bar initially came with 2 Presidente beers, 2 pops and 2 Dasani waters, and was refilled as needed.

The food

Breakfast was served at the main buffet and by the pool. The homemade donuts made daily were delicious.

Dinner buffet was good, not excellent. There was a different theme every night, but you could opt for grilled food, pasta, paella or American food every night. The traveling cart with flaming desserts was a real blast.

Overall, the service was great and every waiter was extremely helpful, smiley and friendly., everyone is so friendly and nice, always willing to help. All you have to do is smile! and maybe try a word or two of Spanish to be friendly.

I especially charmed by the friendliness of the garden worker who asked us every morning if we wanted to enjoy a fresh coconut.

The beach and the pool

The beach is awesome (what else is to expect from when you’re in Punta Cana). Truly soft sand, calm waters and lots of shades from the coconut trees or the umbrellas makes it a perfect beach. Because the resort is big, the beach stretches far, you only need to walk a few feet down to find an empty spot if you need to.

The weather was great, and reached about 85 F every day, which only 2 days of brief showers early in the morning.

Overall a good and affordable resort I highly recommend for single people or couples. As I don’t have kids myself, I can’t comment on the features and amenities of Bavaro Princess for babies and children.

By Judy K. – happy guest at Bavaro Princess

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