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Eco-Adventure in the Dominican Republic

Cabritos Island National Park


Tourism can be quite hard on the local ecosystem, and many countries these days are setting up eco-friendly adventures and tours to ensure that tourism is responsible and sustainable for years to come. For years, islands in the Caribbean have had to deal with the damage that tourists have inflicted upon the local flora and fawna. One only has to look at the degredation of many coral reefs to see the effect tourism has had on the natural wonders in the Caribbean. The Dominican Republic has been very good at ensuring the survival of the local eco-systems by creating 9 distinct ecological zones. This amounts to about 20 percent of the area of the island which has been set aside and protected by the government, ensuring that the eco-diversity of the island can be preserved and experienced first hand for the forseeable future. The island features an impressive 19 national parks, 6 wildlife sanctuaries, and 2 marine parks.

Here are some interesting destinations to get you started on your adventure in the Dominican Republic.

Whale Sanctuary

The first place many travellers will want to visit is the Whale Sanctuary, located near Samana, one of the island’s most popular tourist destinations. The sanctuary preserves the largest mating and calving grounds in othe world for humpback whales. Cruises run regularly out of Samana Bay, allowing you to witness these majestic creatures in their natural habitat first-hand.

Cabritos Island National Park

Another popular spot is the Cabritos Island National Park, which is surrounded by Lake Enriquillo, a large saltwater lake. The park itself is home to a diverse set of wildlife, including iguanas, flamingos, White crown pigeons, and hispaniolan parrots, not to mention one of the largest populations of American crocodiles in the world. Boat tours run regularly in the area, allowing tourists to view the crocodiles up close and personal

Armando Bermudez National Park

For those who love a good hiking trip, make sure to visit Armando Bermudez National Park, which features Pico Duarte, the highest point in the entire Caribbean. At 10, 128 feet tall, this peak is not for the faint of heart. Those who choose to climb Pico Duarte can book an overnight trip with a guide. The park also features dozens of large rivers, and an assortment of wildlife such as wild boar.

The incredible natural beauty and diversity of the Dominican Republic has been preserved well by the island, ensuring that all visitors can experience the natural diversity of the island. Eco-tourists may not normally have thought of the Dominical Republic as an interesting destination, but as we have seen this is one destination that is not to be overlooked.

By Earl, writer for Cheap All Inclusive Caribbean Vacation.

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