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Punta Cana: Iberostar Grand Bávaro Hotel

Iberostar Grand Bávaro Hotel

Iberostar Grand Bávaro Hotel

You may have heard of this magnificent Dominican Republic resort, as its commonly voted one of the best in the Punta Cana region. This luxury adults-only resort promises to pamper you from the moment you walk through the door, with its beautiful grounds, 24 hour butler on call, and immaculate services.


The hotel has 274 rooms broken up into 260 suites, 13 ocean front grande suites, and 1 very posh presidential suite.

Overall, you won’t be disappointed with any of the guest suites, as the hotel strives to make your room feel like home away from home. Each suite is assigned a housekeeper who will diligently keep your room clean every day, and stock it with a wide variety of ammenities. We found the rooms very well decorated, with a simple but elegant decor. Each room also comes with a pillow menu, allowing you to choose the perfect pillow for your preferred sleeping habits.

Unfortunately, the rooms don’t come with internet access, you’ll have to use the business center to check your email.


The resort boasts a wide variety of luxury restaurants that will satisfy your every gastronomical craving. With 4 à la carte restaurants, an international buffet, and a beachfront restaurant, your hardest decision will be to choose where you want to eat today. The variety of foods served is equally impressive, with cuisines ranging from Japan to North America being skillfully prepared and served with your choice of wines.


During the evening, most resorts provide some sort of live entertainment such as music, comedies, dancing, etc… The evening entertainment at the Iberostar Grand Bávaro exceeded our every expectation. The interesting thing about the live shows at the Iberostar is that they have an old ship on the resort grounds, that has bars, a dance floor, and a stage for live shows. It’s quite the experience.


The hotel has 2 pools for guests, the lake pool for casual swimming and relaxation, and a second pool for activities such as aerobics, and water sports.

If you’re looking for a nice, relaxation pool you’ll be very satisfied with the lake pool at the Iberostar Grand Bávaro. This large pool also features a swim-up bar for guests to enjoy a refreshing drink during the day. The pool is located right beside the beach if you want to take a quick dip in the ocean.

The beach is everything you’d expect from a resort in the Dominican Republic, with picturesque views, soft white sand, and sparkling blue water. Lounge on the beach in one of their shaded beds and just let the time pass.


Unfortunately, no hotels are completely lacking in a few downsides. Fortunately for guests, there are few negative things to speak about when discussing the Iberostar Grand Bávaro. Guests looking for an exclusive, adults-only resort may be slightly disappointed as the grounds for the resort are adults-only, but the surrounding Iberostar resorts are family-oriented.

Another negative aspect that a few guests report is that the service staff’s English isn’t perfect. Although, that’s just your chance to brush up on your Spanish, isn’t it?


– Bring a wide range of sunblocks, as the sun in the Dominican Republic is very strong. Don’t stick to 15 and 30, which is what many guests bring. Make sure to pack at least one tube of SPF 60 or above, and use it the first few days you’re there. Getting sunburned early in your trip makes for an unenjoyable vacation.

– The television has some North American channels, but bring some extra dvds with you. When you’re watching television at night, you’ll be glad to have them around.

– Go to the bank ahead of time and get lots of $1 bills to tip the staff.

– The beach and ocean are stunning, so bring a good camera. Some guests even splurge to get a waterproof camera if they decide to go on snorkeling excursions.

Overall, there aren’t enough good things to say about this resort, from the always friendly butlers ready to bring you a drink, to the smiling wait staff, and overall luxury and air of relaxation in this resort will leave you smiling ear to ear. We give this resort a 4.5/5

Overall: 4.5/5

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