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Dominican Republic – SAMANA

Founded in the first quarter of the 19th century by escaped American slaves, Santa Bárbara de Samaná, or Samaná, for short, is a port town that overlooks the country’s largest bay, Bahia de Samaná and is the largest city on the Samaná peninsula. The language spoken in Samaná is an unusual mix of 19th-century form of English and Spanish, and unlike the rest of the country, which is predominantly Catholic, the churches here are mostly Protestant.

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picture by: Pierre Mangin

Popular activities in the Samaná area include sport fishing and whale watching excursions. During December through March, about 3000 humpback whales winter off the coast of the Samaná peninsula to nurse their young and mate. Surfers like to go to Playa Las Terrenas, a remote stretch of gorgeous beaches on the North coast. There’s a strong French influence here, with a few all-inclusive resorts, seafood restaurants hotels, bars, and hotels right on the beach.

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