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The SOUTH WEST of the Dominican Republic

Founded by French-Haitian General, Toussaint L’Overture, Barahona is a mid-sized city 120 mi southwest of Santo Domingo. There is little to do in the town itself, and while you will find a few small hotels and resorts here, it’s the incredible surrounding landscape that is the real draw. Nature lovers will be delighted by the startling beauty of its mountains, lakes, vegetation and coastlines. The remote and hidden beaches are considered as the best in the Dominican Republic, perhaps the best in the Caribbeans.

There are also many national parks and protected areas in the region. Admire the 60 bird species that can be seen at Laguna Oviedo inside Parque National Jaraqua, the largest protected area in the country. Another major draw is the Parque Nacional Isla Cabritos, which contains Lago Enriquillo, the largest salt lake in the Caribbean. Located 45 meters below sea level and covering more than 272 square km (105 square miles), it is a habitat for iguanas, the American crocodile, and the graceful pink flamingo. Explore the Larimar mines at Parque Nacional Sierra de Baoruco, a mountainous park with rainforest vegetation

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