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Top 10 Beaches of the Dominican Republic

1. Playa del Morro
Mostly unknown by the public, this is probably one of the best well kept secret of the Dominican Republic. Accessible through a rocky road through the mountain of El Morro, the bay offers white sand beach with giant cliffs and calm water and spectacular scenery, especially the sunset.

2. Playa Isabela
Set in history as the first European settlement in America, Playa Isabela is a low key stretch of sand, with vegetation running alongside the beach. This quiet beach attracts more fishermen than tourists, but fresh water and a fabulous ecosystem makes this beach worth to be seen.

3. Playa Bonita
If you are looking for that cozy tropical paradise that make the cover of the best travel magazines, Playa Bonita is what people typically consider a vacation beach, with white sand beach and endless turquoise crystal clear water, all topped off with coconut trees. Even first star hotels and villas can’t take away the beauty of this pristine beach.

4. Playa Rincón
Due to the lack of accessibility, this beach remains largely untouched, therefore a quiet paradise to anyone brave enough to travel on the one unmaintained road that leads to this beach. Unfortunately, this piece of paradise won’t be yours for very long, as new hotel complexes are soon-to-be built in the area.

5. Playa Limón
If you are tired of lying by the beach, this beach will offer you a good day of hiking and discovery. Playa Limón offers a 10 km unhabited stretch of sand and vegetation. Part of a national park, this beach of free of any commercial development and offer the pure beauty of what the Dominican Republic must have looked like thousands of years ago.

6. Playa Macao
Located only a few miles aways from the well-known beaches of Bavaro and Punta Cana, this stretch of sand is still fairly untouched. The strong waves will scare off most swimmers, although Punta Macao bay offers a much more calm and safe swim with its natural elevation.

7. Playa Corbanito
The gray sand of Playa Corbanito may not be the best sand of all of the Dominican Republic, but its scenic and spectacular view on the Bahía de Ocoa and the chain of mountains and its inviting calm water makes it an exceptionally romantic spot.

8. Playa Baoruco
More of a local fishermen port than a tourist spot, this beach may not be the prettiest in the country, but has a remarkable view on the mountains and forests.

9. Playa Cabo Rojo
Located on the cost of Parque Nacional Jaragua, this beach is named after the red layers of bauxite that used to be processed in a nearby factory, now abandoned. This national park beach attracts many species of birds, including penguins.

10. Playa Pedernales
Located near the border of Haiti, this deserted beach overlook quiet waters and an excellent view of the promontory of Cabo Rojo. Mostly unvisited, this beach becomes lively in the evening, as fishermen go back to their village.

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