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5 Safety Tips for Women Traveling Alone

Each year, about 60 millions of people travel alone. And among these 60 millions, many of them are women who decide to travel on their own. However, as a women, it is important to take good traveling habit, to increase your own safety. Indeed, women need to travel with a little bit more care than men. But how can you, as a women, effectively travel alone, safe and sound?

To answer these questions, the Travel Daily News has put together some common tips and advices. Here they are.

1. First advice is to always rent a hotel room or an apartment on an upper floor rather than the ground floor, preferably without a balcony or a patio. This is a good way to keep intruders to get into the room easily.

2. This may sound obvious, but we too often forget the obvious. It is important to always keep your windows closed and your doors locked, and to check if they are indeed locked or closed before going to bed or leaving your room.

3. Third advice, instead of using a purse, keep your I.D. and money in your pockets, in a money belt or simply in little pockets you can sew to your bra (this is the last place thieves will think of!). And if you happened to be carrying a purse, if someone tries to grab it, it is always recommended to just let it go rather than risky injuries.

4. Avoid unnecessary flirts, conversations or eye contacts that may leave the other party the impression that they may be on to something if your intentions are to get a good night of sleep.

5. Last but not least, dress casually. It is important to look as much as possible like you are knowing your way around and not like a female tourist who is obviously traveling alone.

Of course, there are many common sense tips, such as avoid wearing lots of jewelries or to carry big currency bills. Also, if you need to ask for directions, preferably ask a policemen, or a store clerk.

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