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Essential travel insurance

Holiday insurance – Cheap All Inclusive Caribbean Vacation

Far too many travelers say no to travel insurance…

– “Why bother with travel insurance… It’s not like a risk taker… I’m not camping in the jungle and I’m not into any of the extreme sports…
-“I don’t need travelinsurance… It’s kinda pricey and will be away only for a few days…

Do you recognize yourself? If so, you are wrong, because sicknesses or accidents don’t take a break. Wherever you are, however long you are there for, you can break an arm or a leg. Then what happen? The doctor put a cast and it heals… However your wallet might take more time to heal after you spend thousands in health care abroad, if you decided to decline your holiday insurance.

Unfortunate Stories with Happy Endings

The following stories are true and have been reported by different travel insurance companies… Unfortunate stories from year 2000 that ended happily for those people who bought their travelinsurance.

A broken arm overseas could hurt your wallet even more with the 50 000 healthcare costs

1.A 48 years old male, a 16 days trip to Switzerland, aortic rupture (aneurysm). Total of healthcare and transportation by plane and ambulance : 41 000$. Amount reimbursed by his insurance company: 40 700$. Luckily, he had purchased the 152$ travel insurance.

2.A 29 years old male, a 15 days trip to Mexico, broke his leg. Total of health are and transportation by ambulance : 45 370$. The travel insurance company paid back 38 221$. The holiday insurance cost him 52$.

Travel agent

If you are going to a travel agency, your travel agent has to ask you whether you would like to purchase an insurance from the travel insurance company they deal with, and explain in details all the modalities of the insurance contract.

If you are booking with an online travel agency, you will have to check yes or no to a holiday insurance before purchasing your actual holiday package.
If you refuse to purchase the travelinsurance, you will be asked to sign a discharge form, so if an accident happens to you throughout your trip, you will not be able to sue the travel agency you are booking with.

Advices for travel insurance shopping

1.Carefully find out their coverage (which type of health problems they cover, which one they don’t)

2.Find out about the customer service of the travelinsurance company you are dealing with. Ask, for example, whether the operator can speak your language, whether they refer you to reputable clinics or hospitals, whether the travelinsurance company will deal directly with the bill instead of making you pay first.

3.What are the acceptable reasons or conditions to cancel a trip before departure or throughout the trip (we mean here a serious condition, no a cold nor a last minute change of idea).

4.What are the steps to get reimbursed? Who do you need to talk to? Where do you need to send the original bills? In other words, how helpful will the travel insurance company be, and who will help you with the paperwork.

5.How fast will it take for the company to process your file.

6.Check up your credit card or work insurance. They generally do not cover everything.

7.You can also purchase longer travelinsurance packages. This way, if you travel out of the country every other week, you will not have to purchase a travel insurance each time.

A travel insurance could make you save a lot more than you think
A travel insurance could make you save a lot more than you think

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