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Are you running away from your hometown cold or sad weather? Did you find yourself a cheap all inclusive Caribbean vacation deal in Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica… You are so much looking forward to escaping work and the routine.

With all this excitement, you forgot to get ready and are leaving in a few days (or in a few hours!!). You look at your empty luggage and start stressing and worrying…. Quick quick, what essential travel item do you need to bring to the all inclusive resort? Don’t panic! Here are a few advices to get ready to your dream vacations…

Ladies, so you are leaving for a one week all inclusive Caribbean vacation? Do not over pack your luggage. Remember, you are going for one week, not one month, not one year. This is the essential travel items you need to make your week perfect.

Do not overpack... You should be able to fit your one week all-inclusive Caribbean vacation in one suitcase

Do not overpack... You should be able to fit your one week all-inclusive Caribbean vacation in one suitcase

1. ONE Bikini. Not three, not five, only ONE bikini. Chances that it will barely have enough time to get dirty. Plus, you are going to spend the week on the water. Simply rinse your essential travel bikini in the shower before going to bed and let it dry on the towel rack in the bathroom of your hotel room or suite. You will wake up with a wonderful clean bikini.

2. A skirt that accentuates your long legs for a killer look at the bar, comfy shorts, and also a pair of jeans for cooler evenings or nights. Those three items are more than enough for the whole week. Still wish you could bring more? Bring a pair of jeans that can be folded into Capri as needed. Hence, rain or sun, you will have the perfect garment.

3 A few tops that will fit well with the three essential travel items from #2. Think about an outfit for everyday. Remember to also bring a long sleeve sweater for chilly days or evenings, and at least one hot or pretty outfit for going out at night. Tops that can be worn casually or in a dressy should be your first choices.

4. A makeup kit, with a small sample of moisturizer cream (not the whole bottle!) for the face (even better if it already contains sunblock), some body lotion, a waterproof mascara, an waterproof eyeliner, a lip balm, foundation and some eye shadow. Do not bring every single eye shadow color or every shade of foundation you own, you will not use them. Simply bring the color you wear the most, this way you will know that you will look pretty all week!

5. A little essential travel kit which will include a toothbrush, a small toothpaste tube, a 100ml shower gel bottle, a makeup remover, a face cleanser, deodorant, a razor, sunblock, a hairbrush, tampons, a small hairspray… Remember to bring the small versions of everything you are bringing, the lighter you travel, the less troubles you will have carrying your luggage. Also think about when you’ll come back home… You will probably have tons of souvenirs and new clothes to bring back in your luggage. You will need space for all of that!

6. Finally, in the list of essential travel items : a hair straightener, a pair of flip flops, a pair of comfy shoes, an umbrella (for those unfortunate days), underwear, socks and a plastic bag are the only other things you will need. It is always more pleasant to have light bags, and to know that you will not have too much luggage in your way to go shopping at the airport duty free store.

Tip of the day : Travel light

Tip of the day : Travel light

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by: Kandi Harper for cheap all inclusive Caribbean vacation

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