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Essential travel items for him

Vacations in the Caribbean for him

Gentlemen, are you leaving on a one week trip to a cheap all inclusive Caribbean vacation resort?  Unlike women who tend to bring to much stuff for there one week holiday, men tend to under pack.  Gentlemen, unfortunately, packing only your all purpose swimming-suit-slash-bermuda-shorts and a pair of sunglasses may not be enough.  Here is a list of the essential travel items you should check before leaving.

You camera is a must, to make your trip truly unforgettable.

You camera is a must, to make your trip truly unforgettable.

1. Moisturizing cream. Unlike the ladies, moisturizing cream are usually not a priority for many men. If you are traveling in couple, that is OK, however if you are traveling by yourself, make it a must. Lying down by the sea of the Caribbeans, if your pale skin hasn’t accustomed yet to the sun, chances that you may get a light sunburn are high. After a small burn, it is extremely important to moisturize the skin. While we are here, don’t forget to slip some sunblock lotion in your suitcase!

2. A small essential travel kit consisting of a razor, a toothbrush, a travel size toothpaste tube, a deodorant (absolutely not to forget under the Caribbean heat!), some hair gel if needed, an aftershave, your favorite cologne, a small shower gel and shampoo sample, and for the ones more concerned about their skin, a night cream!

3. Clothing : it should include a swimming suit, flip flops, bermuda shorts, a pair of jeans and clean pants (at least khakis), a minimum of five t-shirts, a long sleeve sweater for cooler nights, three shirts (well pressed et well folded), underwear (read many many many underwear), socks, running shoes and dressed shoes.

Some of these may sound not essential to you. It is true that for most of your all inclusive Caribbean vacation, all you will need is a pair of sandals and your swimming suit. Nevertheless, on top of the all-you-can-eat buffet, most resorts also have à-la-carte restaurants. The dress code in those restaurants is strict: no sleeveless shirts, no open-toe shoes (sandals) and clean pants are required. Also, if you are wanting to take a tour, some activities, such as going in an underground cave, require running shoes.

Finally, bring an umbrella, it is always useful, even down south!

Clean pants (i.e. kakis) and a shirt are a must, most à-la-carte restaurants have a strict dress code

Clean pants (i.e. khakis) and a shirt are a must, most à-la-carte restaurants have a strict dress code

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