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Planning your first Cheap All Inclusive Caribbean Vacation

Planning your first Beaches Resorts Vacation in 6 steps

When looking into an all inclusive vacation, there are two major things most people can think of: first about the fantastic destination you are going to, including the warm weather, the warm waters and the sun, and second about having an amazing time at the all inclusive resort, including the buffet, the drinks, the activities. Obviously, enjoying a nice environment and having fun effortlessly are important parts of a cheap all inclusive Caribbean vacation, however in order to have both, you need to put some initial effort in planning your first cheap all inclusive Caribbean vacation, and sometimes it’s not quite so simple.

First, you need to decide of your destination, or at least about the type of destination you are looking for. How important is the beach for you? Are you the crystal emerald beach water and white sand type of person, or are you the huge swimming pool type of person? How important is it to have a city nearby for shopping, or some historical sites for some sightseeing? What parts of the Caribbean do you want to see?

Second, after you choose the perfect destination, you next need to start looking for the different cheap all inclusive Caribbean vacation packages that are available in that particular location. You will realize here that there are packages for all type of people, for different likes and hobbies, for different age ranges. That is why you need to think about the features you would like to have: do you need a pool bar, a golf course, a nice gym facility, kids daycare, an amazing spa, a late-night club, an adult oriented resort or a family oriented resort? The size of the resort can also differ, some resorts being fairly small and other being humongous, with many small resorts in one huge resorts. Finally, some all inclusive resorts will have better food than others, or better drinks than others.

Special feature: How important is golf in your all inclusive package?
Special feature: How important is golf in your all inclusive package?

Third, you will need to make a definite decision on what cheap all inclusive Caribbean vacation package to book. The prices of the packages will vary depending on the factors and special features you will decide are important, even essential, to make your trip a success.

Fourth, you need to pack your stuff. Make sure you don’t leave it to the last minute, or you risk increasing the chances of forgetting something important. Make a list of what you need to prepare and bring, and PRIORITIZE them. There are various items to remember, and you sure do not want to forget anything. With the checklist, not only this is not likely to happen, but more importantly, you will not forget the essential things that may stop you from being able to attend your cheap all inclusive Caribbean vacation(such as your flight tickets, your passport, your visa).

Fifth, make sure you arrange some type of transportation to the airport, ON TIME. Make sure you do not leave it to the last second. If you are cabbing to the airport, remember that sometimes, cabs can take a lot of time to show up. You want to give yourself plenty of time to arrive to the airport on time (at least 3 hours prior to the departure).

Sixth, the next step to planning your cheap all inclusive Caribbean vacation is to decide what you will include in terms of activities during your vacation, other than what is included in your package. You may want to plan and budget a tour in a nearby historical site, a nearby island, budget some money for a shopping spree in town or plan to go swimming with the dolphins, or even the sharks. By planning ahead, and finding out what is available, you will avoid disappointments of not being able to do what you had in mind.

There are few tips to help you well plan your cheap all inclusive Caribbean vacation.

1)Find yourself a good travel agent. The best travel agent will find you various packages at the best prices, and will know what resorts in the industry is most reputable.
2)Ask your friends and family who have been to the Caribbeans recently about hints or suggestions. Consider the one that they recommend you. This can give you an idea of the price range and whether the packages you are considering are real deals or not.
3)Go online and do some research. Many sites allow people to review their resorts. Every resorts have their good and their bad comments. Make sure you a reading recent reviews, as resorts and hotels can go down or up in quality with time.

Finally, make sure that, whatever destination or packages you chose, you carefully make your homework of doing some research because, after all, it is your vacation.

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by: Kandi Harper for cheap all inclusive Caribbean vacation

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