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10 Things to Bring When Traveling with Kids to the Caribbean

So finally, you and your hubby were able to take that well deserved week off to take a plunge in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. But this year, you are not going only the two of you. This year, you are bringing the kids along, since they are old enough to enjoy a nice stay in an all inclusive resort.

So you’ve packed everything… or did you? What is worst then forgetting anything when going on vacation. Especially when it is to the Caribbean, where you don’t have the luxury to go the local grocery or pharmacy to buy what you need. Instead, you would need to buy what you forgot to bring at a premium price, at the hotel souvenir store.

So we’ve put together a list of 10 essential things you should bring when traveling with children to the Caribbean.

1) Camera and waterproof camera and or case – It would simply be silly to spend a week in family, in the Caribbean and not be able to bring back any memories! Waterproof cameras are a must if you are planning to go snorkeling or swim with the sharks or dolphins! In the case you don’t have one, you don’t have to break the bank and can simply save money by purchasing, instead, a good waterproof case.

2) Batteries or charger for the camera – Because a camera with no batteries is simply no better than just a camera. Many cameras now used only their own rechargeable battery, so make sure to bring the charger as well. If you camera uses AA batteries, you can probably find some batteries at the hotel store, but be aware you may be paying double the price of what you are used to.

3) Some US dollars – They always come in handy. You may find great deals, or fun clothes for the kids over there. It is usually not recommended to use a credit card when traveling to the Caribbean, so bring some money with you! Plus you may need an extra few one dollar bills for tipping.

4) Swimming suits for the whole family – Of course the kids’, but also yours and your spouse’s.

5) Sunblock SPF 30 or higher – The sun in the Caribbean is probably a lot stronger than what you are used to. So make sure to bring a sunblock SPF 30 (I myself use SPF 60 for the first day or two), to keep your skin, and especially the skin of the kids safe.

6) Some games to play in the plane or at night – Depending of where you live, some people have to travel up to 9hrs to arrive to destination. This is a long flight, especially for children. So make sure you bring lots of games, video games and books to keep them busy.

7) Some DVDs and movies – Again, a great way to keep the children entertained. While they may pass some movies during the flight, they may not be of interest for your children. Also, at night, when the pool is closed and the beach is too dark, the kids will enjoying spending some time at the hotel room, cuddling under the blanket watching their favorite movie.

8) Some antihistamines – You never know when allergies can strike. A bug bite, a horse ride, grasses, some food, anything can trigger a sudden allergy. Make sure to have some antihistamines on hand, for those rare events.

9) Sunglasses – Keep everybody’s eyes safe from the strong UV rays from the sun. Buy good sunglasses, preferably polarized if you are planning on doing lots of outdoor activities, such as water sports.

10) Some warm sweaters – Unfortunately, mother nature is not always predictable. You may have some cooler nights, so have on hand some warm sweaters for the kids and yourself.

With these ten items on hand, you will ensure the best vacations ever in family. For more information, please visit Cheap All Inclusive Caribbean Vacation now.

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