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Cheap all inclusive Caribbean vacation for the family

Affordable holidays for the family

Popularity of all inclusive resorts have increased in the past few years, and for good reasons. Hence, more and more people now go to all inclusive resorts for their vacations. However, while the cost of an all inclusive vacation may sound very affordable to the single guy or to the couple with no children, far too many families still think that the cost of an all inclusive holiday is too expensive, therefore out of their budget. There re all inclusive vacations packages for all budgets, including a family one. Find out what choices there are for a family who wants to experience all the enjoyment and luxury of an all inclusive holiday without the cost of a real luxury resort.

Two major tips

First, a five stars hotel is not for everybody. Neither is a five stars all inclusive Caribbean resort. Therefore, a good compromise is to go a 3 or 4 stars resort.

There are many misconceptions about 3 star resorts. Although you should make your research and read reviews about the resort (even for a 5 stars resort as a matter of fact), most 3 star resorts are a good compromise between family quality time and a reasonable vacation cost. Chances are that unlike at a five stars resort, being at a 3 star resort, your family probably won’t be feasting on lobster every night and the food will not look like it was prepared by Gordon Ramsey himself. But remember that most kids are usually contented with a few hot dogs and hamburgers, and that fancy food can be a turn off for them.

Second, the length of your holiday will also affect the cost of the trip. By cutting down to a 5 days trip instead of an 10 days trip, you can reduce the cost of your holiday and make it into a real cheap all inclusive Caribbean vacation.

Shortening your trip can be a good compromise for a family who cannot afford to spend too much money for their vacation. By cutting you trip by a few days, your family will have the benefits and luxury of a nice all inclusive Caribbean resort at a fraction of what they would pay for a longer trip. Therefore, a shorter trip will make an all inclusive Caribbean holiday more affordable to more families.

Advantages of an all inclusive resort for families

The advantages of bringing your family to an all inclusive is that, as the name indicates, pretty much is included.

1.Starting from the airfares for everybody and transportation between the airport and the resort in air conditioned comfy shuttles.

2.Proper accommodation is provided and each day you will have a maid service.


3.You do not have to worry for the food. Most-all inclusive resorts will include a breakfast buffet (cereals, fresh pressed fruit juices, ham, hash brown, toast, crepes, oatmeal, etc.) a lunch buffet (including fresh fruits, a salad bar, cold cuts and a large selection of meats, seafood, pasta, etc), a dinner buffet (including a good selection of desserts and several types of main dishes). For both lunch and dinner, and often all day long by the pool hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries and condiments are available for everybody. Finally, most resorts include a 24hrs room service, so if your little crew needs a midnight snack, you can order from the room.

4.During daytime, many resorts offer child care, where the kids are feed and entertained. In the evening, there are several shows suitable for children.

5.Most resorts have a kids pool.

6.Finally, the all inclusive Caribbean resort offer something unbeatable: the scenery, the beach and the sea. While you are getting a killer tan, your kids will love making sand castles all day or jumping in the waves of the emerald blue water of the sea.

However, before purchasing any all inclusive holiday package, do a research and look for the essential : kids pool, child care, entertainment for young kids and teenagers, family suites. The best would be to look for a family oriented or kids friendly Caribbean resort, to make sure you and your family will all enjoy the stay.

A cheap all inclusive Caribbean vacation can be a very affordable vacation if you do your research and find the right resort. Because every detail will be arranged for you, all you need to do is to bring your crew along and enjoy the warm waters and weather. You will experience an easy going and relax holiday, free of the worries other types of vacation can bring, such as organizing entertainment, finding accommodation, looking for a place to eat in for breakfast/lunch/dinner. Therefore, your all inclusive package will offer you all the luxury associated with more expensive trips or all inclusive resorts, but at a price affordable when traveling as a group. So if you are looking for a fancy and relaxing holiday this year, why not start looking for your perfect cheap all inclusive Caribbean vacation package?

If you have young children, make sure the resort you are going to has a kid pool area

If you have young children, make sure the resort you are going to has a kid pool area

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