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Top 10 Things to Do on the Beach, for Men Who Are Bored

So you are there, sitting by the beach. You had promised the wife, the gf, the kids, the family that you were going to the beach this weekend. They told you would find 1001 things to keep you busy, but somehow, you are bored… Getting a tan by the sea under that deep blue sky, not for you, starring at the hot lifeguard, certainly not your thing either… Kids seems to be having fun, the wife, well the last thing she want to hear is your complains. So, how to keep yourself busy on a beach? Here are a few suggestions:

1. Keep the loud children away by building your own fort made of sand, shells and seaweed.
2. Secretly checking out the hot neighbour wearing that very revealing bikini or swimsuit. But keep it very discreet, of course.
3. Read your favorite sports magazine or favorite newspaper. Tip: bring a small magazine, newspapers can be hard to read if it is windy outside.
4. Daydream of being the main hero of Baywatch, and the Pam is asking you to rub her body with some sunscreen… Whistle the song theme, just to make it even more realistic.
5. Ask that kid who is selling ice cream at the other side of the beach, have a look at their products and simply say “sorry, nothing really looks good”… Allow yourself the treat of being a little bit mean when you’re on vacation.
6. Count the number of waves that reach the shore per minute… Sounds stupid, but trust me, it’ll keep you busy for a while!
7. Wonder why that hot chick is dating that ugly bald guy… there dream that she too needs you to rub sunscreen all over her body…
8. Cover yourself with sand, repeat as many times as you need until you get really annoyed with yourself.
9. Plan your next holidays by the beach…
10. Plan your next holidays and wonder how to get away from the beach….

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