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Dining in Jamaica – A Helpful Guide

There’s no better way to get to know the island than by dining in Jamaica.

For a small glimpse into island life in Jamaica, you should explore the different culinary options available. Dining in Jamaica can be a real treat, with their unique cuisine derived from hundreds of years of settlements and dozens of ethnicities. Their recipes are derived from European, Indian, Asian, and native sources, giving them one of the most colorful histories in the islands.

Although the most famous of Jamaican dishes, the legendary “jerk” is quite popular, fiery hot dishes aren’t the only thing on the menu. You can find dishes which inhabit the entire spectrum from volcanic to non-spicy. Best of all, dishes are generally made from local ingredients with fish and seafood caught just off shore and vegetables/fruit grown on the island or nearby.


The standard when dining in Jamaica is 10-15% outside of resorts.

Drinking Age

The legal drinking age in Jamaica is 18.

Street Vendors

Like most places, you can find some interesting culinary options conveniently by the side of the road. The most common street food you’ll find is either jerk chicken or jerk pork. This is often cooked in a converted steel drum and served fresh roadside. Look for vendors selling this just about anywhere.

Another popular dish is the famous Jamaican beef patty. This resembles a calzone, with a flakey sweet breading and often a spicey meat center.


If you’re dining in Jamaica and looking for a more formal sit-down experience, there are a wide variety of great restaurants in Jamaica. Since Montego Bay is a very well travelled area by tourists, a number of great restaurants have popped up in the area. If you’re dining in Montego Bay, look for the Sugar Mill Restaurant. This is one of the best restaurants in Montego Bay, famous for their smoked marlin.

For some truly exquisite Jamaican dishes, visit the Day O Plantation Restaurant, located a few miles west of Montego Bay City. They specialize in fine Jamaican cuisine, as well as offering a few foreign dishes.

Jamaica has a long and proud history of great food and friendly people. If you don’t make some time to visit a few restaurants on your next trip, you’re really missing out on a great experience. For more tips on dining in Jamaica, visit Cheap All Inclusive Caribbean Vacation.

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