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Discover Jamaica

I Love Jamaica

Jamaica is loved for its uniqueness and is the number one Caribbean island for North American and European honeymooners. Jamaica has so much to offer in terms of history, from the island’s turbulent history which is deeply rooted in the plantation economy to the history of reggae, Jamaica has become one of the most dynamic nations in the Caribbean. So hurry and discover Jamaica’s extremely rich cultural traditions and delicious island cuisine.

This year, discover Jamaica.

by 04denevi

History and Culture of Jamaica

In 650 AD, the island welcomed its first first inhabitants, the Arawak Indians, who arrived from South America. These peaceful people subsisted on farming, hunting and fishing. Unfortunaly, like for most Caribbean islands, its colonization by the Spanish in 1494 forced the original inhabitants to work under slavery. In 1517, the Spanish brought African slaves to inforce their workforce.

The absence of gold on the island caused Spain to eventually abandoned the island to the advantage of the British in 1655. African slaves were imported in large numbers to work under harsh conditions on the sugar cane plantations. Slave riots became a common thing, and the British became constantly attacked by armed bands of runaway slaves, the Maroons. The decline of sugar price, combined with an increasing violent revolts to slavery in early 1832 convinced the British parliament to vote the abolition of slavery in not only Jamaica, but throughout the British Empire in 1834.

Nevertheless, the the fight for better conditions continued and a strong labor movement continued, culminating in the Morant Bay rebellion in 1865. In the early 1900s, a new industry – the tourism industry – started to flourish. By 1960, it had become the main source of Jamaica’s economy. The island was granted independence in 1962, but it remains a part of the British Commonwealth and the British Queen is still the nominal Head of State. Besides tourism, Jamaica’s economic growth is fuelled by agriculture and mining.

More of 95 % of the population is of African descent, but there is also a sizeable population of Indian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, British, and German origin. The culture is a blend of all these influences, making Jamaica one of the most vibrant nations in the Caribbean.


A major tourist attraction in in Negril are obviously the magnificent beaches. Other great beaches are also found in the southwest as well as in Montego Bay. If you want to take advantages of those beaches, there are several tourist resorts that will give you the opportunity of a wonderful all inclusive vacation by the beach.

Jamaica isn’t a popular destination for divers, but nothing stops you from looking into dive operators which work from all of the island’s major resort areas.

Fantastic golf courses – the best ones are the ones found near Montego Bay – bring a lot of players to the island.

Tour Operators such as Chukka Caribbean Adventures are very popular. Those tour operators offer the tourist a wide range of activities, including rafting, ATV courses, canopy tours, horseback riding, and even a dog sledding adventure (!!).

Jamaica is well known for its music – especially reggae, which has its roots here. Reggae’s most famous figure is without question Bob Marley, and an excursion to the places that were so important to this music icon is often on the tourist’s agenda.

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