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Jamaica – High and Low Season

Before planning your next trip, you may want to read a bit about the high and low seasons in Jamaica. This could influence your decision of when to go, as each season brings its own advantages and disadvantages.

High Season

As you probably have guessed, high season is the most popular time to travel to Jamaica. This is normally between the months of December, all the way until about mid April. Tourism is booming during these months, and for good reason. The weather is gorgeous, and often the weather in North America ranges from mild to frigid during these months. Many North Americans also must plan around major holidays, or their children’s schedules which makes this season even more popular. Christmas, new years, spring break, these are all big events and will have people flocking down south to catch a little sun. Many of the major festivals, such as Junkanoo, take place during the winter months as well. So if you visit during these times, you can get in on the celebrations.

If you’re planning on staying in Jamaica in the high season, its important to note that this is the most expensive season to visit. Hotels will often be packed with guests, and you may not be able to get a reservation if you don’t book far enough in advance. More tourists will also mean that services will be strained on the island. Want to play golf? Get in line. Want to book a snorkeling tour? Get in line.

Low Season

On the flipside, low season is the least popular time to visit the island. The low season in Jamaica picks up where the high season left off, around mid April, goes through the summer and fall to end in mid Decemember. There are a few advantages to going during these months, as well as a few disadvantages, of which we’ll outline.

Tourism is typically low during these months for a number of reasons. First off, during the summer people are less likely to travel to a sunny tropical destination if they are already experiencing hot weather where they live. This makes for some great bargains, as hotels will offer discounted rates. Additionally, you may find that you have many of the facilities to yourself, as they’re not overrun by other guests.

Unfortunately, there are also drawbacks to visiting in the low season. The Caribbean has the ever present looming threat of hurricane season, but luckily weather services can predict these in advance allowing you to cancel your trip if there is danger of a major storm. Hotels can also be understaffed, or undergo maintenance during these low months, rendering some services unavailable.

As you can see, there are some advantages and disadvantages to both the high and low seasons. Ultimately, its up to you, the traveller to make the choice as to what elements are important to your vacation and what elements you’re willing to pass on.

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