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Things to do in Jamaica

bob marley museumAre you planning a trip to Jamaica soon and you’re looking for some interesting excursions or places to visit? In a place like Jamaica with so many attractions, your trip is sure to be a good one. Read a few of our suggestions for fun and exciting things to do in Jamaica.

1) Dunn’s River Falls

One of Jamaica’s most famous natural attractions, the falls are among the most beautiful in the world. Thousands of visitors visit every year to climb the 600 ft falls, walk around the staircased rocks, and relax in the natural hot springs. The river eventually meets the ocean, where you can relax on the beach. These falls are truly magnificent to behold in person, and walk away with a memorable experience. Be sure to bring your camera with you, you’ll definitely want to take photographs of your experience.

Shoppers can also stroll over to Ochos Rios for an afternoon of shopping in the town’s numerous craft markets.

2) Dolphin Cove

Take a dive and swim with the dolphins at the Dolphin Cove in Ochos Rios, where you can have an exciting encounter with a few friendly dolphins. It begins with a quick presentation on dolphins, and then you get to jump in the water and interact with these amazing creatures first hand. Swim with them as they pull you along with their dorsal fins, dance, and even get a kiss.

You can spend the entire day at Dolphin Cove, as they offer numerous fun activities for the family. Take a walk on the Jungle Trail walk and see exotic bird species, snakes, and lizards, or visit Treasure Reef to swim and pet with friendly stingrays (their barbs have been removed).

3) Bob Marley Museum

One can’t help but thing of Bob Marley and Reggae music when one thinks about Jamaica. What better place then, to pay tribute to this great musician and learn more about his life and culture. You can begin by visiting his former home at 56 Hope Road in the town of Nine Mile, which has been turned into a a museum.

This museum is a huge collection of Bob Marley memorabilia, and you can witness first hand how the musician lived, where he ate and slept, and ultimately where he died. Finally, you can visit the mausoleum, the final resting place of Bob Marley.

4) Canopy Tour

Some fun and excitement as you swing between the trees via ziplines on an adrenaline fueled tour of the jungle canopy. Marvel at the beauty of the jungle from above as your zip between trees at high speed. You’ll feel like Superman as you effortlessly glide from platform to platform, as experienced guides detail the flora and fauna in the area, ensuring that your trip is both fun and educational.

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