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What to see in Jamaica

Going to Jamaica? Wondering what to see?

Jamaica is an absolutely stunning and unique island, world famous for its natural beauty and strong vibrant culture. There’s really no wonder why it’s one of the top destinations for North American and European travellers. Not only is the the natural beauty of the island, but Jamaica has a rich and turbulent history making it one of the most interesting islands to visit in the Caribbean.

Planning your next trip to Jamaica? The island is much more than just sandy beaches and tasty poolside cocktails, there are numerous things to do in Jamaica. Depending on what you want to see in Jamaica, there are tour guides available and excursions at a reasonable rate.

What to see in Jamaica – our favorite spots

Montego Bay

One of the most popular places to visit is Montego bay, the 2nd largest city in Jamaica. This city is often very popular with tourists with its wide array of shopping and restaurant choices, as well as the large number of all inclusive resorts in the area. Because of the high number of tourists, you will find the area very safe and featuring numerous tourist attractions.

When you think about what to see in Jamaica, you’ll definitely want to move Montego Bay to the top of your list. Be sure to visit some of the historic sites around the city as well, such as Rose Hall, home of the infamous “White Witch” of Jamaica, Annie Palmer. Or take a trip to Greenwood Great House, an amazingly well kept plantation home that lets you step back into the 1800’s on the island.

Ocho Rios

Another popular tourist hotspot is Ocho Rios, a town on the northern coast of Jamaica. This town is a popular port for cruise shops, and a thriving tourist industry and sprung up around the area. You can find a wide variety of markets, restaurants, and a thriving night life scene here.

If you’re in the area and you’re wondering what to see in Jamaica, head to Dunn’s River Falls. This beautiful natural attraction brings people from all over the world to climb the staircasing rocks and marvel at the falls themselves. This area can get crowded at peak, so try to book your trip there early or you may be seeing more people than falls.


If you’re wondering about what to see in Jamaica, look no further than the capital city of Kingston. One care hardly find a more shining example of authentic Jamaican culture than in Kingston. Established in 1692, the city has grown into a thriving metropolis and you’ll find an incredible mix of modern Jamaican culture and historic buildings.

What else to see in Jamaica?

As you can see, there is just so much to see and do on this island you should never be left wondering what to see in Jamaica. Be prepared for a unique and friendly people with a rich culture and history. To learn more about what to see in Jamaica, please visit Cheap All Inclusive Caribbean Vacation.

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