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10 Things To Do or See in Martinique

French history and exotic flora and fauna meet on the beautiful island of Martinique. Without doubt, this island represents truly a little of France… in the middle of the Caribbean sea! The unique island has a certain charm that keeps visitors coming over and over again. Thinking of visiting the Martinique? Here are ten things you should see in the Martinique.

  1. Obviously, the beach is your number 1 reason you are planning this trip to the Martinique. Long stretch of white sandy beach, Martinique is definitely one of the best island of the Caribbean. Check out Corps de Garde and Les Saline.
  2. In the mood for some good food? Try one of Martinique’s great restaurant. Years of history has merged French and Creole food into this simply exquisite cuisine.
  3. One of the biggest attraction are the panoply of watersports you can practice on the island. From sailing to diving to deep-sea fishing, sport lovers will not get bored. If watersports is not your cup of tea, there are plenty of land-based sports to choose from : cycling, golf, horseback riding, just to name a few.
  4. In the 19th century sugar dominated Martinique. Today, the sugar industry is still prominent, so why not take a tour to one of the sugar plantations and discover the heritage of slavery.
  5. Martinique’s nightlife will be another highlight of your trip. In Fort-de-France, you will find a dozen of great night sports where Zouk rhythms or soft jazz will be playing all night long.
  6. Enjoy shopping at Fort-de-France to find local and French items, including French wines, local fashion jewellery, and baskets.
  7. Enjoy a rejuvenating mud bath experience at Le Precheur, the very last village along the northern Caribbean coast, best known for its hot springs of volcanic origin.
  8. When in the Martinique, why no take part of some of the major events throughout the year, such as the Carnival in February, the Mi-carême, a smaller carnival held from the twentieth day of Lent to Easter, a yawl race in August, and the jazz festival in early-December.
  9. Make friend with local people. Local people will certainly give you some hints on where to go and what to see and what tourist traps to avoid.
  10. Last but not least, the  village of Trois-Ilets is definitely the most historically significant spot on the island. This is where Napoléon’s wife Empress Joséphine de Beauharnais was born and raised.


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