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10 Safety Tips for Traveling to Mexico

Mexico is well knows for its all-inclusive resorts, its amazing beaches and the friendliness of the local people. The country welcomes every year many tourists eager to discover every side of this great country. And what’s not to love, beautiful beaches, warm weather, home of the Mayas with lots of awesome diving spots…There is also (unfortunately!) a dark side to the country as Mexico is indeed home to many drug cartels, and inevitably violent drug wars. Some areas are also well-known for high level of other types of criminal activities, such as theft, robbery or even carjacking along highways.However, if you follow a few rules, Mexico remains a safe and great place to visit. It is however advised that tourists going to Mexico exercise a high degree of caution.

If you are planning to go to Mexico, here are 10 safety tips you should apply while touring the country.

1. Preferably stay in a resort or a hotel located in a touristy area. Resorts are especially safe, being so secluded and with high security. As a matter of fact, if you decide to leave the resort for a day trip, you will notice security guards checking on the in-an-outs of people at all times.

2. When visiting a city, avoid venturing out of the touristic areas. Non touristic areas can be very quiet, therefore less safe.

3. Keep your resort’s address and phone number handy at all time. If you get lost, they should be your first resource to contact. If you need directions outside the resort, preferably ask a policeman or commerce workers in a touristic area.

4. Avoid large crowds.

5. Even if you plan to go shopping, avoid carrying big amounts of money on you. Ladies, avoid purses that hand on your shoulder as they are easily snapped off

6. Monitor local news.

7. Travel outside of the resort in small groups as much as possible.

8. Preferably book tours through your hotel or resort.

9. Avoid all non-essential travel to these states and cities (mostly located near the U.S. border):
Sonora state, Chihuahua state, Coahuila state, Sinaloa state, Durango state, Michoacan Cuernavaca city, Veracruz city, Nuevo León state, Tamaulipas state, Baja California state and Guerrero state.

10. Remain vigilant.

These are a few tips that, while not hard to apply, will keep you safe and out of trouble.

Have a good a safe trip!

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