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Mayan Riviera all inclusive – Mexico

Mexico : A week in a Mayan Riviera resort

Beach and white sands are most likely the pictures that will come in mind when talking about Mayan Riviera, one of the most popular destination in Mexico. You will find numerous choices of beaches resorts Mayan Riviera all inclusive. Although you will probably enjoy the first few days by the pool or by the beach sipping on a cerveza and getting a tan, some of you may also be tempted to take a tour out of the resort to discover the nature or the history. Here is what your schedule might look like at your Mayan Riviera all inclusive vacation.

Mayan Riviera - Home of the Mayans
Mayan Riviera – Home of the Mayans

First day
Nice weather and a smooth warm wind, this is what will be waiting for you at your arrival in Cancun. Nothing to do with your cold winter or the sad rain of your hometown. At the airport, included in your cheap all inclusive Caribbean vacation, the shuttle is waiting to bring you to your resort. After setting in your room, start with the start, a short walk to the beach via the pool, then head to the main attraction of your first night in your Mayan Riviera all inclusive vacation evening, the buffet. Most resorts will have a theme night, what will it be tonight? French cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Mexican fiesta? Is tonight theme not of interest for you, don’t worry there is also the usual at the buffet: hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries and a salad bar. For the last few hours in the evening, relax and go dance some salsa at the club, or watch today’s show at the theatre.

Second day
Most of you probably slept in. For those who are still unable (getting in the vacation spirit can take a day or two), hit the gym, or put on your swimming suite and head to the pool. There, you will find morning aerobic pool activities.  Jump in, they are lots of fun! How are you gonna spend the rest of the day at the Mayan Riviera all inclusive will depend of you : at the beach or at the pool. And remember the tip of the day: relax and enjoy.

Third day
You probably need to work some more on that tan… Head back the beach or to the pool and enjoy your second day of your Mayan Riviera all inclusive vacation!

Fourth day
For many of you, a cheap all inclusive Caribbean vacation consists of a week of total laziness and relaxation. This is exactly what you needed after that crunch time period at work, those late hours or early morning at the office… Therefore don’t waste your time, apply some more sun lotion and head back to doing what you’ve been doing for those few first days at the Mayan Riviera all inclusive: enjoying the pool, the beach, the sun and the drinks.

However, some of you may find it difficult though to enjoy a whole week of laziness. For those who need to add some spice and excitement, why not take a tour outside the resort to Xel-Hà? Remember, because your tour guide will need to reserve you a spot on a bus, make sure you book your trip at least one day prior.

Xel-Hà: a protected ecological park
Early in the morning, a shuttle will come and pick you up from your Mayan Riviera all inclusive. Xel-Hà is located about 75 minutes south of Cancun. The beauty of this tropical park will amaze you. Xel-Hà is a nature lover’s paradise. Xel-Hà is a real aquatic adventure. You will be able to explore creeks, lagoons, natural wells and ancient caves fed by subterranean rivers flowing to Mexico’s beautiful Caribbean Sea. 70 fish species live in the water of Xel-Hà, over 700 birds species live in the area and the forests are the house to 350 types of plants.

In Xel-Hà, you will be able to experience swimming with the dolphins, scuba-diving, biking along the beautiful roads and swim in an underground cave. A day in Xel-Hà will cost you about 75$ for one adult, and about 35$ for one child. The price includes all you can eat food, drinks and many of the popular activities.

Over 70 species of fish live in the water of Xel-Hà
Over 70 species of fish live in the water of Xel-Hà

Fifth day
Xel-Hà being a big trip, I suggest you enjoy activities at your Mayan Riviera all inclusive resort for the day. You may want to find out if snorkeling is included in your cheap all inclusive Caribbean vacation package, if there is any rock climbing wall within the resort, or any other amenities and activities you can take advantage of. Make sure you also check out the spa. Depending the package you purchased, a complimentary spa session may come with the package. However, extra usually needs to be paid for massages. This fifth day is the perfect day to try something fun in your Mayan Riviera all inclusive, but nothing overwhelming.

Sixth day
This day is, with no doubts, another beach or pool day! Sadly, tomorrow is your departure back home, so make sure you get plenty of rest and enjoy every single bits of sun and daiquiri!

Seventh day
The big day. Sigh… Packing and checking out… But hey, you can still leave your luggages in the secured room at the lobby and enjoy a last walk. Make sure you stay near the lobby though, as you might miss your shuttle.

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by Henly Ng for cheap all inclusive Caribbean vacation

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