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Mexico, between pristine beaches and old monuments

TulumOne of the most popular Caribbean destination is with no doubt Mexico. Every year, thousands of tourists stream to the beautiful hotels and resorts of Mexico. The country attracts tourists from around the world not only for the stunning beaches, but also for its great history and monuments. For examples, thousands and thousands of tourists visit each year the pre-colombian era sites in Yucatán, such as Teotihuacán or Chichen Itza), discovering a combination of the best Mexoco has to offer, from the great Mayan civilizations, to the colonial towns and Baroque churches, to the amazing beaches and charming villages and towns.

To help you find your way through the numerous citie, towns and attractions of Mexico, we made you a summarized guide of Mexico.

Mexico City
First, Mexico city, the capital. The capital of the country, Mexico city, is a must-do and see when traveling to Mexico. Indeed, this vibrant city has so much to offer, including such as strong cultural heritage, inherited from the Spanish influence combined with the culture of the native people hundreds of years ago. The downtown of Mexico city is home to several historical sites, an attestation of the pre-Colombian culture and civilizations. For example, what is left from the Mayor temple, near Zocalo, is still stunning and we can imagine the stupefaction of the conquistadors when they first discovered the glory of the Aztec empire.

Key stop, the Anthropology museum, where you will find the most beautiful recollection of treasures left by the ancient mesoamerican civilizations.

By the time consquistador Hernán Cortés reached Tenochtitlan, the civilization of the people who built Teotihucan were long gone. However, the relic of their civilization site still remains, located at about 25 miles from the capital.

The city of Puebla is reknown for its ceramics, which are often used as ornaments in colonial houses of Puebla historic site, listed as a World’s Heritage by UNESCO. Two must-see structures are the Santo Domingo church which main chapel is covered with nothing else but gold, a great example of the Baroque influence on the Mexican culture, and the famous pyramid of Cholula, located only a few miles away.

Oaxaca is full of charming surf towns, well known for their laid-back atmosphere and vibe. In Oaxaca, life doesn’t get any better. Relax with a glass of mezcal, a plate of warm tortilla, on a patio under a shadowed area and listening to merengues, cantinas and other cumbias. The pre-Colombian site of Monte Alban, was one of the first cities in mesoamerica, and the ancient capital of Zapotec.

San Cristóbal de las Casas
Stroll around San Cristóbal de las Casas, located in the central highlands of Chiapas. This pretty colonical town with narrow cobblestone streets and red-tiles roof houses is home to different native groups. Don’t miss San Juan Chamula, a Mayan village, one of the most traditional town in the country. There is one rule in San Juan Chamula, be discreet when taking pictures, cameras are not welcomed!

Palenque itself has no real attraction, but nearby you will find one Mexico’s most impressive archaeological park. Some of its site is still roped off to tourists and covers treasures of hundreds of year old. Surrounding the site is a lush forest home to wildlife such as colorful toucans or howling monkeys.

Located as less than two hours road from Mérida, one of the biggest historic sites in America, Uxmal is the most known Mayan site in all of Mexico. The scenic site of Chichèn Itzà is not quite as impressive but its Puuc architecture offer some of the most colorful and graphic views of all pre-Columbian sites. Chichèn Itzà is such a big site that you need to plan at least a good three hours to finish the entire site.

This peninsula is also home to colonical municipalities, such as Valladolid or Campeche. Of course, Mérida is a must see in the area.

Located only an hour away from Playa del Carmen, Tulum is well known for its scenic temple built by the beach. This is simply a breathtaking site, and you will truly understand there the expression : an image is worth 1000 words.

Playa del Carmen
Last but not least is old fishing town of Playa del Carmen, now a popular touristic spot. Lots of shops, boutiques, posadas (small hotels) and restaurants runs along the amazing beach of Quita Avenida.

At night, hundreds of tourists flocks the patios of the multiple restaurants and bars, enjoying the festive atmosphere while musicians entertain the streets with joyful songs.

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