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Caribbean Cuisine

Enjoy the Caribbean cuisine!

jamaican jerk porkA complex blend of indigenous, African, and colonial influences, Caribbean food is a rich reminder of the area’s diverse cultures. Common ingredients found in Caribbean cuisine include: Yucca and taro, leafy vegetables like callaloo, a variety of herbs like cilantro, plantains, yams, pigeon peas, assorted peppers, rice, and breadfruit. Seafood from the warm Caribbean waters is a natural specialty of the islands and will delight any palate. picture by Ron Diggity

Restaurants in the resorts

The atmosphere and prices tend to vary widely from one island to another, ranging from the jerk shacks of Jamaica to the more sophisticated restaurants of the French and British islands. Resort dinners are a highlight, often featuring cuisine from internationally trained chefs. Most restaurants don’t require men to wear a jacket and tie, but shorts, T-shirts and beach attire should be avoided. While reservations are not always necessary, especially during the low season, it is always a good idea to call in advance.

How much food cost outside of the all inclusive resorts

Meal prices range from as low as $2 (USD) to as high as $50 (USD). At about $10 (USD) a meal, the Dominican has the best prices for budget-minded travellers, while Aruba, with prices starting at about $35 (USD), is more suited for visitors looking for something more sophisticated.

Caribbean rum

The Caribbean beverages are well known for their excellent taste, and they often pack quite a punch. For many, Caribbean drinks are not complete without rum, the base of most cocktails. Big-name brands include Cruzan from St. Croix, Mount Gay and Malibu in Barbados, and Bacardi in Puerto Rico. You can also try the local artisanal rums available in most islands.

Local beer

Local beer brands include Red Stripe in Jamaica, Piton in St. Lucia, Banks in Barbados, Carib in Grenada and Trinidad, Hairoun in St. Vincent, Kabuli in Dominica, Medalla in Puerto Rico, Presidente Pilsner in the Dominican Republic, Balashi in Aruba, Wadadli from Antigua, Stingray from the Cayman Islands, etc.

Conclusion, cuisine and drinks of the Caribbean is flavorful, healthy and delicious, and a tasty meal is always part of a good cheap all inclusive Caribbean vacation!

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