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Seychelles islands vacation : Praslin

A holidays in the Seychelles Islands is not complete without a stop to Praslin, second largest island of the Seychelles. Take a tour to the surrounding islets ou discover the May Valley, which has been said to be a replica of the garden of Eden. There is so much things to do and see from Praslin that you may need to come back to visit every bits of it.

Discovered in 1744, Praslin is the second biggest island of the Seychelles, right after its sister island Mahe. Located at about 25 miles east of Mahe and a 15 minutes flight from the bigger island, Praslin has a population of 5000 people.

Praslin highest point is 1080 feet and has a much more even land than Mahe. But just like Mahe, Praslin is also partially covered by a formation of granite and and surrounded by an amazing coral reef and crystal clear water well known to this amazing archipelago.

The Beaches
Côte d’Or is especially attractive with its stunning white sand. Spectacular granite formations contrast with the beautiful beaches of Anse Bois de Rose and Anse Boudin. Because of its shallow waters and proximity to coral reefs, swimming is not ideal at Grand Anse. However, this beach is perfect for a suntanning.

May Valley
This Unesco World Heritage is open from 8:30am to 4:30pm to visitors and is only accessible through one road. This valley is home to a large number of widlife and indigenous plants. The winding roads are well maintained and well indicated and visitors will be impressed by the tropical forest so dense the hot sun never seems to penetrate the leaves of the higher trees. Chatting birds and the moving leaves and branches is all you will hear. Crawfish and fresh water crabs live in the stream and hide between the plants located near the fresh water. Sea Coconut, ferns and other rare plants grow between the many granite formations.

Nearby Islets
There are many close islets worth a visit. Among them: Cousin, Curieuse, St-Pierre, Serenade at the sunset, Aride with a stunning view, Grande Soeur and Ile Coco, surrounded by coconut trees.

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