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Seychelles Islands Vacation : Seychelles’ North Island

Not surprisingly, one of the top destination for vacations is the Seychelles’ North Island, especially well known as Kate and William dream honeymoon destination. While all of the Seychelles offer an unspoiled secluded paradise, the North Island is by far many favorite.

So what bring people to the Seychelles’ North Island? Of course there are the perfect weather, the beaches, the palm trees.

Seychelles Island Holidays

Amazing room with you in the Seychelles Islands

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Seychelles Islands Location

For the active vacationer, this island located north east of Madagascar and in the middle of the Indian Ocean offers unparalleled snorkeling and diving sites.

Snorkeling and Diving

Indeed, the Granite Boulders, often offer a spectacular view of clams, soft and hard corals. They are also home to hundreds of different types of colorful tropical fishes, sting rays and eagle rays. Occasionally, divers and snorkelers may even come face to face with a dolphin or the curious and gentle whale sharks as they get attracted by the schools of Pelagic fishes.

The wrecks found around the Seychelles are home to many species of animals, including barracudas, giant cods, scorpion fishes, eagle rays and even sharks. In 1989, several wrecks were purposely sunk to create a new home to many species of marine life, and divers will have the opportunity to visit many of the wrecks.

Natural beauty

But the Seychelles’ North Island are more than just palm-fringed beaches and exceptional diving and snorkeling, it is also home to an abundance of wildlife and indigenous vegetation. This island is really a sanctuary of natural habitat combined with plain beauty.

Seychelles’ North Island Accommodation

The North Island Seychelles Hotel is like many describe it, a hidden paradise. A 20 minutes helicopter ride will bring you from the airport to this secluded hotel. Extraordinary villas, with an unbelievable decor brings barefoot luxury to a new level. The human touch and the privacy of this hotel will convince anyone to go back over and over again.

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