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St. Lucia – A stop at Gros Piton

The Pitons sisters, treasures of the Caribbean

Tired of the cold weather, the snow or the nonstop rain of the winter? Feeling like heading down south? When it comes to nice and warm destinations, you obviously have plenty of choice. There are plenty of last minute deals, then there are the the luxury destinations, and in that second category, St. Lucia is definitely one of the top destinations.

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Located in the Caribbean, St. Lucia is a real paradise, perfect to lie by the shadow of a palm tree, to sunbath by the beach or to get a massage in one of the many spa of the island. If you are more adventurous, you will find plenty of activities to spend your energy.

Tourists agree, if there is one spot not to be missed on St. Lucia, it is Pitons, the sister volcanoes known for their very pointy shape. As a matter of fact, the two Pitons are even members of the UNESCO heritage sites.

Although Gros Piton is not quite as steep as its little sister, Petit Piton, it is not an easy mountain to climb. Huge rocks block many paths, and on rainy days, the roads become quite slippery. This is why the site is closed after torrential rains, to avoid accidents.

The top of Gros Piton is located at 3000 feet above see level (914m above see level). To climb up to the top, you will need the help of experience guides, who know their way through the difficult trails of Gros Piton. When the weather collaborates, the view from the top of Gros Piton is simply spectacular and colorful.

If you can’t get enough of hiking and are looking for a real challenge, try to get a hand on one of the rare guides that will help you go up the much more steep trails of Petit Piton.

Biking in the jungle

Avid bikers, why not take a ride in the jungle? From Soufrière, several trails cross an old sugar plantation which was converted in the 1800s into a cacao plantation. As a matter of fact, the bikes are stored in an old building that used to store molasses. After an hour spent with a guide, who will explain you the difference between the different trails, and even make you taste some of the ripe fruits (oranges, banana, mangoes, etc) of the trees found along the trails, you can explore the rest of the jungle trails on your own.

Looking down on the island

To get an unparalleled view of St. Lucia and its vegetation, you can’t go wrong with the zip lines. RainForest Adventures, located near Castries, in St. Lucia, offers great tours of Gros Piton, including a gondola ecotour that brings you 2600 feet high (793m). Let the tour guide give you a quick description of all the species of trees and plants particular to this rain forest, including cedars, hibiscus, strangle vine and even a 200 years old ficus that needs over 350 liters of water per day to live! Back at the bottom of the mountain, put on your harness for some zip line fun!

If you are looking for a luxury stay and lots of fun, St. Lucia is definitely a place to visit.

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