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Things to do in St. Lucia

Private Land/Sea Tour

Some people like to set their own pace, especially on vacation in a beautiful place like St. Lucia. Why be dragged around on a preset tour with other people when you can call the shots, decide where you want to go and when? Spend some extra time in that underground lake, skip the rainforest tour, spend lunch at the beach and then go snorkeling. It’s your vacation, so spend as much time as you like on the attractions you find interesting. If that sounds appealing to you, there are a several companies in St. Lucia which offer this kind of service to tourists.

La Soufriere Drive-In Volcano

An incredible site that should be experienced at least once in your life, this is the only active volcano in the world that you can literally drive into. Although the volcano is dormant, the area is very lively with volcanic activity, sulphur springs, and boiling pools of water. There is a strong stench of sulphur in the area, and the surrounding landscape is stained red, blue, and green from the different minerals bubbling up from out of the volcano.

The last eruption occurred over 200 years ago, and was relatively minor, releasing only steam. The area is relatively “safe”, as seismic activity is very closely monitored, but you should still proceed with caution. The bubbling vents and pools can scald you very badly if you wander off the tour.

The hot baths in the area are believed to have healing properties, and locals often use them to cure skin blemishes. You can take a dip in one of the pools for a small fee.

Gros Piton

Definitely an adventure, climing the Pitons is an exciting tour for people looking for an exciting day trip. The Pitons are located in a World Heritage site, so once you reach the summit, you’ll have a view to remember for the rest of your life.

It’ss an incredible experience, but isn’t for the timid. If you decide to go, you’ll recieve a climbing guide who will help you with your 2 mile ascent to the summit. The climb takes approximate 1 1/2 to 2 hours for a quick group, and you’ll be rewarded with a stunning view of the surrounding area. Make sure to bring your camera!

Some tips for those who decide to summit Gros Piton, pack hiking boots with you before you go. The path isn’t well defined, with lots of loose dirt and mud. This is a fairly challenging climb, so if you’re not particularly active you may wish to forego this attraction. It’s a continous hike, almost 2 hours long, like climbing up a never-ending flight of stairs.

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